Charlotte Johannesson, Ester Fleckner and Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt

30.9 – 28.1 2018

In the autumn exhibition, Malmö Konsthall show works by three artists from different generations, who have all employed graphic and technological printing processes within an experimental and expanded field. Using various materials, and analogue as well as digital creative processes, Charlotte Johannesson, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, and Ester Fleckner have found expressions for their own characteristic, and intensely personal, imageries. Works by Johannesson (born in Sweden in 1943, living in Skanör), Wolf-Rehfeldt (born in Germany in 1932, living in Berlin), and Fleckner (born in Denmark in 1983, living in Berlin) are shown in three separate exhibitions with a shared title. These presentations have been compiled to emphasise their shared willingness to experiment with technique and material, their agile and informed work with ideas, which is in constant development, and the attention they’ve all paid to the political realities of their respective times.

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open daily 11 am – 5 pm, Wednesdays 11 am – 9 pm • entrance free
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