18.8 – 12.9 2021

Mellanrummet / book shop

In the late 1990s, cultural critics began to call African-American science fiction, music, and art Afrofuturism. Afrofuturism combines elements of science fiction, historical fiction and magical realism with a critique of whiteness as a social norm.

The jazz orchestra The Sun Ra Orchestra was the first in the world to introduce Afrofuturism in its music. Sun Ra was a pianist, composer and bandleader for the jazz orchestra. For four decades, from the early 1950s until 1993, when Sun Ra left Earth, he managed to both delight and confuse people with his philosophical thoughts, style and music that could quickly change from swinging melodies to atonal chaos. Described as an alien jazz musician with a cosmic style, Sun Ra created a completely unique universe with his music.

Malmö Konsthall’s small exhibition Sun Ra is shown in the book shop during the period 18.8 – 12.9. The exhibition is curated by Elena Wolay, music journalist, DJ, lecturer, band booker, music producer and curator. Since 2011, she has run the platform Jazz Är Farligt – a live stage, newspaper, festival and booking company – and has for many years been described as one of the driving forces of the alternative music scene in Sweden.

In connection with the exhibition, Wolay is arranging a conference on Afrofuturism at Malmö Konsthall on the 4th of September (in Swedish). The exhibition is made in collaboration with the Swedish Music Agency. More info about the conference can be found here.

The exhibition is presented by Jazz är farligt in collaboration with Malmö Konsthall, Afrosvenskarnas Forum för Rättvisa (AFR) och Musikverket. The project has received support from Öppna Malmö – Malmö City’s initiative 2020–2022 to combat racism, City of Malmö.


Wednesday, August 18 at 6–7.30 pm. Elena Wolay presents the exhibition. Music by Sun Ra, snacks and drinks for sale in the bar of restaurant SMAK.

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