19.1 – 20.2 2022


Martin Eltermann has for a long time collected postcards with mountain motifs. He does not remember how it started or why. He has been thinking: “I’ll continue, and we’ll see”.

A few years ago, the idea arose to ask some artists if they would like to choose a postcard from his collection and then make a work based on the selected postcard. They said yes, and it resulted in a publication. So far, there have been two publications, where artists choose a postcard and then make a work based on it.

In the display cases in Mellanrummet the artists’ chosen postcards are presented together with short texts by the artists about their choice, and on Saturday 19.2 between 14–16 Eltermann’s third publication entitled Postcards with mountains volume three will be released.

All participating artists in the project Postcards with mountains:
Melina Bigale, Fritz Carlson, Inga Linn Härdelin, Rune Jørgensen, Judit Kristensen, Viktor Mattsson, Matilda Nordenström, Rasmus Ramö Streith, Mathijs van Sark, Richard Slatter, Per Westerlund , Maria Gordana Belić, Leandra Bigale, Christofer Degrér, Aalt van de Glind, Maria Hägglund, Jakup Nilsson, Ruaridh Phillips, Ella Shipway, Julia Sjölin, Frederikke Jul Vedelsby, Louise Waite, Amund Öhrnell, Catriona Beckett, Therese Bülow, Jeroen Diepenmaat, Nadja Ericsson, Nina Jensen, Mai S. Keldsen, Elisabet Lundkvist, Mimmi Mattila, Niels Holger Pedersen, Malin Petersson, Elinor Ström

More postcards from the collection

Image: Norge: Djupvasshytta and Djupvatnet. By the Grotli – Geiranger road

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