Release date: 27.3


Join us for a guided tour of Malmö Konsthall from home!

We understand that many of you are worried about the new corona virus and do not, at this time, want to visit museums or other public places. Still, there is no reason to be without art experiences! We face the new situation by offering tours and educational efforts digitally, so that you can take part of our program also from home.

In the end of March, we will start publishing digital material on our website and on Facebook. Here you will find, among other things, a guided tour of our ongoing exhibition with Ragna Bley & Inger Ekdahl. Parts of our art workshops, which are very popular among our visitors, will also be available digitally. Under the guidance of our art pedagogues, you can create works of art at home, together with the kids. We also link to programs that our collaborators broadcast live.

Also Kulturakuten Malmö offers digital content. Here you can find and enjoy videos from all institutions within the City of Malmö’s department of culture – both from us, the libraries in Malmö, Malmö museum and other actors in Malmö.

Tuesday 7.4 – Thursday 9.4


Spend your Easter Holiday at Malmö Konsthall. Workshop for all ages, free of charge. Get inspired by the exhibition and create your own art. Starts with a guided tour.

Guided tour 1 pm
Workshop 1.30 – 4.30

To avoid spreading of Covid-19, we only accept 20 participants at a time in our workshops.

Malmö Konsthall + Lindängenbiblioteket
4.2 – 6.5

Do you like to discuss what you read? Then you are welcome to “Novelklubben” which is a cooperation between Malmö Konsthall and Lindängenlibrary.

Here we read short stories about climate change and discuss the texts together in a group. The discussion and books are in Swedish. If you want to join, go to the Swedish page for more information.


Image: Sun&Sea (Marina). Opera-performance av Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, Vaiva Grainytė och Lina Lapelytė på Venedigbiennalen 2019. © Andrej Vasilenko

WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Ragna Bley & Inger Ekdahl
Saturdays & Sundays 1.2–5.4


Open workshop for all ages. Get inspired by the exhibition and create your own art. Starts with a guided tour at 1 pm.

Free of charge and open for everyone.

Guided tour 1 pm
Workshop 1.30 – 4.30


Image: Ragna BleySlants, 2019. 

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