(Svenska) Språk och bild: skapande verkstad på finska för hela familjen
Kieli ja kuva: taidetyöpaja koko perheelle suomeksi
Lördag 17.11 kl 13–16

(Svenska) K-salen

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SEMINAR: Art, Science and Environment
Wednesday 21.11, 7–8.30 pm


In science, as well as in art, our human means of perception and the limits of our ability to observe, understand and express the reality we live in are investigated. In our time, the questions of how we are to achieve a sustainable development – and deal with the immense environmental challenges facing the world and humankind – are burning topics for scientists and artists alike. At the seminar on 21 November, we will explore these interfaces between art and science.

Jonas Alwall, sociologist and lecturer at Malmö University, and Linnéa Havsfjord Lindgren, with a background in art as well as environmental studies, will lecture and lead a discussion with the audience.

Co-operator: Malmö University. Free, but limited number of seats.

Image: Olafur Eliasson, The Weather Project, 2003. Turbin Hall, Tate Modern, London.


BOOK RELEASE: Don’t Just Give Up – Quit! by Emma Philipson
Saturday 24.11, 2–3.30 pm

Malmö Konsthall's Bookshop

Artist Emma Philipson releases her new book Don’t Just Give Up – Quit!. The book is a sequel to Do A Bad Job and Make it Worse, which was published in 2016. The book is available for purchase at a special price during the launch event.

Emma Philipson studied at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts at Umeå University and graduated with a Master’s in Fine Arts in 2004. She then spent some years working with video and performance art. Since 2015 she has worked mainly with drawing and texts. In her artistic practice, she creates a new image every day, which she shares on Instagram. Her aim is to de-dramatise creative processes and have fun with them, to capture the ideas that come to her, whether or not they are good ones. Emma Philipson is based in Malmö.


Wednesday 28.11, 7 pm

Mellanrummet/Restaurang Smak

A conversation about the 14 women who have been awarded the Nobel Prize in literature over time, with a focus on Wislawa Szymborska and Svetlana Alexievich, among others.

Participants: Daniel Sandström, literary director at Bonniers, Agneta Pleijel, author, Ann Lingebrandt, author and Kajsa Öberg Lindsten, translator

Restaurang Smak will be open. Table reservations are advised – phone 040-50 50 35.
Co-organisers: Albert Bonniers Förlag, Bokförlaget Atlas, Bokförlaget Forum, ellerströms förlag, Ersatz, Modernista, Norstedts, Wahlström & Widstrand

Free admission but places are limited.

Illustration: Kristin Lidström


FILM SCREENING: Two films about Bo Cavefors by Lena Mattsson
Saturday 8 December, 3 pm


The artist Lena Mattsson has documented and filmed Bo Cavefors for many years. Now will two film versions of these works be shown: I betraktarens öga (In the Eye of the Beholder) from 2014 and Den kulturelle onanisten (The Cultural Masturbator) from 2015.

Lena Mattsson’s synchronised video triptych I betraktarens öga was shown in 2014 at Moderna Museet Malmö. Both the video triptych and the documentary film shed light on the life and times of the myth, man and human being Bo Cavefors. The film has English subtitles and is 35:29 minutes long. The music was specially composed by Conny C-A Malmqvist. C-salen.

In the film Den kulturelle onanisten (The Cultural Masturbator) Lena Mattsson focuses the camera on questions about censorship; censorship is something both she and Bo Cavefors have been exposed to. She illustrates in an artistic and poetic way, the right to express oneself in words and images. The film is 34:20 minutes long.

Lena Mattsson gives a short introduction to the films. Don’t miss the exhibition Bo Cavefors förlag – an unbounded story of culture in Mellanrummet.

Free, but limited number of seats.

Image: Bo Cavefors. Film still from The Cultural Masturbator by Lena Mattsson, 2015


BOOK RELEASE: “Ekphrases in a Cursed Age - Thoughts on Cities, Architecture, Gardens, Spaces, Design and Art” by Måns Holst-Ekström
Sunday 9.12, 2.30 pm

Malmö Konsthall Bookshop

In his preface to the book, Leif Holmstrand writes “about the experienced curiosity that the texts are steaming with, the kind of blackened optimism and clear-sighted desire for exploration that a greedy reader enjoys.” And further down on how “[m]emory and personal reflection build roads and bridges in the brain’s microcosm.” Ekphrases has roots in classical Greek rhetoric. Ekphrases is to describe in words a work of art so that it becomes visible to the listener or reader; Out of the visual object, a text is born. The art of describing is practiced today in art, architectural and design criticism but also has an extensive, and problematic, relationship to the subject of art history. In the author’s introduction and an introductory essay, the ekphrases in modern times is discussed. Then, ten chapters with short and long ekphrases, that sometimes grow into to essays, follow. Ekphrases in a Cursed Age is a book based on a wording by Peter Cornell. “For if it is the beholder who makes, or at least actualizes the artwork, there is only contemporary art – everything else belongs to the indolence of the viewer.” In addition to the texts, the book contains a small selection of black and white photos and a reproduction of a previously unpublished work by Per Wizén. It is designed by Matilda Plöjel for Sailor Press and covers about 300 pages.

Måns Holst-Ekström is a writer, critic and art historian. He was an assistant professor in fine arts at the Royal Institute of Art 2001–2006 and is currently working at Lund University.

Thursday 13.12, 1 pm

Mellanrummet/Restaurang Smak

Traditional Lucia Day celebrations with klass 5A and 5B from the Monbijouskolan under the guidance of music teacher Anna Rosenqvist.
Co-organiser: Monbijouskolan

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