Film screening: ADEMEIT
Wednesday 24.4 at 6 pm
Saturday 4.5 at 3 pm


This documentary-portrait by the artist Michael Bauer and the director Marcus Werner Hed is a poignant journey into the work and life of Horst Ademeit (1937–2010), with an in-depth interview, an exploration of the places he lived in and which appear in his polaroids, and his own interpretation of them. Ademeit documented the impact of cold rays – radiations that he considered a healthhazard and a potential threat; and built up an archive of thousands of inscribed polaroids. Some of his polaroids are shown in the current exhibition SPEED 2.

The film ADEMEIT (2010) is produced by Punderson Gardens, London. In German with English subtitles. Length: 26 minutes.

Free admission, but places are limited.

Image: ADEMEIT, film still, directed by Michael Bauer and Marcus Werner Hed


POETRY READING: SPEED 2 / Konst → Litteratur
Wednesday 24.4 at 7 pm

Main exhibition hall

Malmö Konsthall has in collaboration with Malmö City Library invited five poets to write on works in the SPEED 2 exhibition. The poets Ursula Andkjær Olsen, Tammam Hunaidy and Johan Jönson will perform their contributions and other texts live. Tonight’s host is Per Bergström, Malmö City Library. In Swedish.

The result is published in a booklet in Swedish and English entitled SPEED 2 / Art → Literature. The publication is available free at both Malmö Konsthall and Malmö City Libraries. The participating writers plus the artists whose works in the exhibition were used as a starting point: Ursula Andkjær Olsen – Adelhyd van Bender, Aase Berg – Bruce Conner/Emily Feather/Anonymouse, Ida Börjel – Leslie Thornton, Tammam Hunaidy – Horst Ademeit and Johan Jönson – James Richards.

Free admission, but places are limited.
Co-organiser: Malmö City Library

Image: Cover of the booklet SPEED 2 / Konst → Litteratur


AFTER WORK with Intonal
Friday 26.4, 5–7 pm

Mellanrummet/Restaurant Smak

A warmly welcome to an after-work event with Kali (DJ) and Golden Ivy as part of Intonal Experimental Music Festival. Restaurant Smak’s bar is open.

Co-organiser: Intonal Experimental Music Festival and Inkonst

Kali (DJ)
Kali is not only the name of the Hindu Goddess associated with sexuality and death, as featured in the well known documentary Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It’s also the name of one of the brightest shining stars in Malmö’s murky club universe. As a DJ, Kali usually displays her more laidback side but beware: Unpredictability is the core characteristic of both the Goddess and the DJ.

Golden Ivy
Hailing from the north of Sweden, the now Malmö-based producer Ivar Lantz has quickly shaped his own eccentric sound as a solo artist under the name Golden Ivy as well as through his collaborations with Prins Emanuel on the duos own label Fasaan Recordings. At the Intonal After Work Concert, Golden Ivy will perform a semi-improvised live set with acoustic elements and electronics. Oddball touches of left-handed debauchery contrasted by simplicity and repetition.




In Mellanrummet we present a slice of Danish photographic history from 1919 to 2019. A selection of about 50 to 75 photobooks are exhibited, including Dyrehaven by Sigvart Werner, which was published in 1919 and is considered to be the first Danish photobook. The exhibition has been produced as part of the ongoing work to edit an upcoming book about 200 good and important photobooks over a 100-year period.

So what qualifies a book to be a photobook, and what qualifies it to be selected as a particularly good and important photobook? This particular selection includes photo-based art projects, other photo projects, and special-subject books whose photos have a high artistic level. The aim has been to produce a compilation that is not primarily a canonisation of specific photobooks but instead gives some indications about what is and can be considered to be good and important photobooks in the history of Danish photography. The curators and editors are Carsten Brandt, who has written about photography for many years, Tommy Kirkegaard, antiquarian book dealer, and Finn Larsen, who is a photographer and visual artist.

Welcome to the opening on 15/5 from 5–7 pm.

Part of Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019 and Malmö Fotobiennal 2019. [länk: och]

Image: Sigvart Werner, Dyrehaven, 1919 (cover)


(Svenska) Påskverkstad på biblioteken
15–18 april

(Svenska) På områdesbiblioteken

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.


SOUND WORKSHOP with Limpe Fuchs
Saturday 27.4, 1–3 pm


Sound workshop with the German composer and sound artist Limpe Fuchs for children between 8–12 years. Limpe Fuchs invites young adepts of sound to play her instruments as well as bring their own. Swedish and English speaking kids are all welcome (interpreters will be at hand). Please note that pre-registration is required.

Register here

Co-organiser: Intonal Experimental Music Festival and Inkonst

Image: Limpe Fuchs


BABY RAVE with Intonal
Sunday 28.4, 2–4 pm


Drop-in baby rave for all the little ones with DJs Rasmus Alkestrand & Sona. Come and dance. If you haven’t learned how to dance yet, crawling is always a valid option. The volume will be tailored for tiny ears.

Free admission, but places are limited.
Co-organiser: Intonal Experimental Music Festival and Inkonst

Image: DJ Rasmus Alkestrand

Leslie Thornton_Cut from Liquid to Snake_2018_edit

Saturdays & Sundays 16.3–26.5
1–4.30 pm


Weekend workshop, open for everyone. Be inspired by the exhibition SPEED 2 and create your own art. Starts with a guided tour at 1 pm.

Free of charge.

N.B. no workshops on Easter Eve and Easter Day, 20.4 och 21.4
27.4, 28.4 Weekend workshop special, more information soon.

Image: Leslie Thornton. Cut From Liquid to Snake, 2018. HD Video, 27 min (still). Courtesy of the artist & Rodeo, London/Piraeus


Exhibition Konstlyftet: INUTI
28.3 – 22.4


KONSTLYFTET exhibits in K-salen.

KONSTLYFTET – a joint venture between Daglig verksamhet LSS Annexet, Bokbytet, Butik Holmgången, Fabriken, Geijersgatan, Getgatan, Kronan, Kulladal, Kulturhuset Teamus, Lindeborg, Linnéhuset, Pappersmakarna, Passagen, Redaktionen and Valborg plus KKV Grafik and Malmö Konsthall

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