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Malmö Konsthall was opened in 1975 and is one of Swedens largest spaces for contemporary art. Architect Klas Anshelm has created an exhibition with great flexibility, generous space and fantastic light. ” A large, low concrete box open on the park and the light of heaven ”, described Anshelm himself his creation. The construction materials are light and simple; concrete, glass, wood and aluminum. Most of the gallery has a roof built as a lattice of 550 light domes. The ceiling height varies. The light well – with higher ceilings – has large sloping skylight north. Klas Anshelm got the idea to construction when visiting the sculptor Constantin Brancusi’s Paris studio. The result is a gallery that is both functional and aesthetic. An exhibition space that the artist with endless.

Malmö Konsthall arranges annually a number of exhibitions with an international focus.

Malmö Konsthall renovated in 1994. When built exhibition hall and the adjacent older brick building, the so-called Crafts house, together. Thus created new spaces for the bookstore, restaurant, C-hall and children activities as well as a smaller exhibition space – spacing.

Malmö Konsthall main task is to show both the national and international art from the classics of modernism to current experiments. Through the years has shown exhibitions with, among others Munch, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Klee, Miró, Giacometti, César, Keith Haring, Andres Serrano, Louise Bourgeois, Peter Greenaway and Tony Cragg. More recent exhibitions include Olafur Eliasson, Ernesto Neto, David Shrigley, Mike Nelson, Joan Jonas, Damian Ortega, Rosa Barba and Michael Rakowitz.

The boundaries between the different arts are kept open by additional events: theater, film, poetry, video, multimedia, music, lectures and debates. Parallel to the exhibitions conducted an extensive educational activities for both children and adults. It is also possible to book private tours of current exhibitions. Each year, Malmö Konsthall about 200 000 visitors.

The gap complement the business with small exhibitions and there is also information and services to visitors.

The C hall is now used as auditorium.

BOOKSHOP offers besides Malmö Konsthall’s own production of catalogs, posters, postcards, etc. a wide selection of art literature from various publishers and museums throughout the world. Artists support the Malmö Konsthall with graphic editions and multiples which are also available for sale.


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