Program 2020

Wed 11.11 at 7 pm & Sat 12.12 at 3 pm

Take part of our exhibition in your mother tongue. A guided tour of the ongoing autumn exhibition with Hassan Sharif (1951–2016), who lived and worked in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, with the artist Najim Mouhsen. Hassan Sharif is counted as one of the most influential 20th century Middle-Eastern artists.

Wednesday 11.11 at 7 pm and Saturday 12.12 at 3 pm. Length 45 minutes. No registration required.

A maximum of 15 people. Malmö Konsthall’s exhibition space offer good possibilities to keep your distance, and face masks are available for those who wish. Welcome!

3.12 kl. 15


Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

Made in USA
Sunday 22.11 at 2 pm


Terry Riley: G Song for string quartet
Samuel Barber: String Quartet opus 11: II Adagio
Terry Riley: The Gift – from “Salome Dances for Peace”
Philip Glass: Mishima

Paulina Storbacka, violin
Irina Binder, violin
Nicholas Shardlow, viola
John Löfgren, cello

#FULLY BOOKED# Free entrance. A maximum of 30 people. Booking: Length ca 50 minutes.
On Covid-19: The program in C-salen allows a maximum of 30 people. The audience is seated with a distance of one meter between every chair, and given the opportunity to keep distance before, during and after the event. We distribute face masks and plastic gloves in the entrance to every event, and encourage you to use them.

In collaboration with Malmö Opera och Musikteater AB.

#INSTÄLLT# SKAPANDE VERKSTAD: För dig som är föräldraledig med barn 0–2 år
Tisdag 24.11 kl 10–12


Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

Onsdag 2.12 kl 13–15


Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

MANIFESTATION: Poesi och text i solidaritet med folkresningen i Belarus
Må 26.10 kl 18

Mellanrummet / Restaurang SMAK

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

BOOK RELEASE: Blod som skuggor i vatten av Ingvild Hovland Kaldal
Söndag 8.11 at 2–4 pm

Bokhandeln / Mellanrummet

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(Svenska) GUIDAD VISNING PÅ FINSKA: Hassan Sharif
Söndag 15.11 kl 15

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SAILOR PRESS: 10 years jubilee
Wednesday 11.11 at 7 pm


The micro-publisher Sailor Press celebrates 10 years with a talk about books and an exhibition in Mellanrummet. Sailor Press has since 2010 in close collaboration with various artists made publications which explores the artist’s work as well as the book as a medium. In Swedish.

Co-organiser: Sailor Press

Image: Sailor Press. Foto: Jonatan Jacobsson

28.10 at 6 pm


Stiftelsen Malmö Konsthall av år 1931’s award cermony. This year’s awarded artist Elisabeth Moritz will give an artist’s talk. N.B.! In Swedish. 

Admission free. In cooperation with Stiftelsen Malmö Konsthall av år 1931.

#INSTÄLLT# AW med Fronesis: IV. Ägande som erövring: kolonisering och motstånd
Onsdag 2.12 kl 17–19

Mellanrummet/Restaurang SMAK

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

#INSTÄLLT# AW med Fronesis: III. Urbana rörelser och rummets makt
Onsdag 18.11 kl 17–19

Mellanrummet/Restaurang SMAK

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

BOOK RELEASE with talk: Simulacra 2
Saturday 17.10 at 3 pm


The book Simulacra 2 presents artistic works that relate to fictionalized reality. Participating are the artists Patricio Dalgo (EC), Narae Jin (KR), Marit Lindberg (SE), Henrik Lund Jørgensen (DA), Katti Lundh (SE), Lena Ollmark (SE), Leif Skoog (SE), Michelle Monareng (RSA) and Johan Suneson (SE ). Graphic design: Andreas Nordström.

The book is presented in a talk (in Swedish) with Johan Suneson, Marit Lindberg and Lars-Henrik Ståhl. A few more artists might participate via zoom.

“Simulacra” is the plural form of the term simulacrum, which describes something artificial which is taken for reality. In art and literature, human-like creatures exist and come to life. The Picture of Dorian Gray, Pinocchio, Frankenstein’s Monster, Homunculus, and Golem are examples of this. The number ‘2’ in the title is used with the meaning: a copy without the original, or, a copy of a copy. It is almost the same as naming a boat ‘Jesus Christ 2’, or saying that second hand denotes something used. The concept of Simulacra has changed meaning over time. It concerns the responsibility and enormous possibilities of creativity.

The book is sold to a special price during the release. Maximum 50 people, no pre-booking.

AW med Fronesis: II. Egendom och kritik
Onsdag 21.10 kl 17–19

Mellanrummet/Restaurang SMAK

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

AW med Fronesis: I. Jämlikhetens uppgång och fall i Sverige
Onsdag 7.10 kl 17–19

Mellanrummet/Restaurang SMAK

The magazine Fronesis goes in depth with contemporary social and political issues. Now they are starting a series of after work seminars, based on their latest issue, at Malmö Konsthall. Restaurant SMAK is open during the after work seminars and offers a bookable dinner package. The first part of the talk series kicks off on 7.10. In Swedish.

Seminars during autumn 2020:

7/10: I. Jämlikhetens uppgång och fall i Sverige
21/10: II. Egendom och kritik
18/11: III. Kolonisering, mark och naturresurser
2/12: IV. Urbana rum, alternativa egendomsformer och rörelse

A maximum of 40 people per seminar. Bookings to The event is arranged in collaboration with Fronesis.

AMFI #4 AT MALMÖ KONSTHALL: Terroristens kropp by Christina Ouzounidis


Premiere of a new play by Christina Ouzounidis, with actors Johan Rabaeus & Beri Gerwise, at Malmö Konsthall. The touring performance Terroristens kropp, directed by Saga Gärde, will later be shown in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

The performance is produced by the new cultural platform Amfi and is the fourth performance in Amfi’s series of new drama. Amfi challenges Swedish contemporary drama and explores new languages ​​on stage.

NE. The theatre supper in connection with the performance at restaurant SMAK is canceled due to Covid-19 and new restrictions for restaurants. The restaurant bar is open on the premiere evening 5.11 from 5 pm to 7 pm. 

NE! In Swedish. Free admission, a maximum of 50 people. Bookings here.

OPENING WEEKEND: Hassan Sharif: I Am The Single Work Artist
19–20.9 at 11 am to 5 pm

Main exhibition hall

On the 19th of September, Malmö Konsthall opens the exhibition Hassan Sharif: I Am The Single Work Artist, which is on view during the period 19.9.2020–10.1.2021. On the opening weekend, the following special programs are offered.

Curator talk with Mats Stjernstedt 19.9 at 10.15–11 am (doors open at 10 am)
Exclusive tour of the exhibition before it opens to the public at 11 am. Mats Stjernstedt, director of Malmö Konsthall, presents the exhibition. The talk takes place in a sitting formation in the exhibition space for a maximum of 50 people. Registration is required by email to In Swedish.

Guided tour 19.9 & 20.9 at 2 pm
A guided tour of 45 minutes (in Swedish) for a maximum of 15 people. Tickets can be picked up the same day, free of charge, in the bookstore.

Creative workshop 19.9 & 20.9 at 11 am–4.30 pm
The workshop space at Malmö Konsthall has been renovated and now opens the doors to an accessibility-adapted and colorful studio! The opening hours are extended by two hours and the studio opens already at 11 am instead of 1 pm throughout the autumn. A maximum of 30 people in the studio at the same time. Short introductions to the exhibitions for families at 1 and 3 pm. All ages welcome!

The exhibition is presented in Swedish, English and Arabic with an introductory text in three languages. An audio guide is available in Swedish & English, both for children and adults. Guided tours in Arabic 18.10 at 3 pm, 11.11 at 7 pm and 12.12 at 3 pm.

Photo: Hassan Sharif, Jumping No. 1, 1983. Courtesy of Hassan Sharif Estate; Alexander Gray Associates, New York; gb agency, Paris; Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai..

This exhibition is originally organized by Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah, UAE, and curated by Hoor Al Qasimi. The European tour of the exhibition has been organized by Sharjah Art Foundation in collaboration with Krist Gruijthuijsen, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, and Mats Stjernstedt, Malmö Konsthall. 

#CANCELLED# BOOK CLUB: Read, explore & talk

Do you like to talk about what you have read and seen? Then you are welcome to Novellklubben + Konst – a collaboration between Lindängenbiblioteket and Malmö Konsthall.

We read three short stories or other short text with a thematic connection to the exhibition Hassan Sharif: I Am The Single Work Artist. The meetings are at Malmö Konsthall and each meeting begins with a short tour of the exhibition.

N.B. In Swedish. For dates, see the Swedish page.

NORDISK PANORAMA: Short films by Pilvi Takala
23.9 at 7 pm


Nordisk Panorama Film Festival presents five short films by the Finnish artist Pilvi Takala; The Stroker (2018), Real Snow White (2009), The Committee (2014), Worker’s Forum (2015) and The Trainee (2008). Total length ca 60 min.
Read more

Takala’s video works are based on performative interventions: she researches specific communities and questions the normative rules and truths of our behaviour. Pilvi Takala is selected to represent Finland at the 59th Venice Biennale in 2022.

Admission free, but max 50 persons due to the Covid-19 regulations.

Part of Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 2020.

The films will also be shown non-stop at Malmö Konsthall during the Gallery Week 24.9–27.9 (NOTE! Saturday only 11 am to 1 pm).

Image: Pilvi Takala, Real Snow White,  2009 (video still)

SPECIAL WORKSHOPS: For parents on parental leave, youth & people aged 65+


To inaugurate our new creative workshop, we are offering workshops for different target groups this autumn. More dates to follow later this autumn! Note: The workshops are in Swedish. 

For you who are on parental leave with children 0-2 years old
Tuesday 22 September 10–11.30 am
Wednesday 23 September 10–11.30 am

We start with a child-oriented display and then create together in the workshop. Registration to Older siblings are also welcome.

For you who are 65+
Thursday 24 September 1–3 pm

We start by looking at the exhibition and then create with inspiration from what we have seen. Only 12 places for us to be able to keep our distance and work in an infection-proof way. No previous knowledge required. Registration to

For you who are 13–25 years old
Friday 25 September 14.30–16.30. Drop in.

Welcome to the drop-in workshop where we try different techniques inspired by the exhibition. Limited number of places, no previous knowledge required.

TALK: Jonna Bornemark
29.9 at 5 pm


* The event is fully booked, but the talk (in Swedish) will be livestreamed. Link here 29.9 at 5 pm. 

The philosopher and author Jonna Bornemark has been invited by Platform KcSyd to give a talk on the theme “The role of art in society – beyond instrumentalisation and art for the sake of art”. Jonna Bornemark is a professor of philosophy at Södertörn University. She researches the subject Practical Knowledge with emphasis on questions about professional knowledge, practical wisdom, experience, reflection, education, emotions and tacit knowledge.

Bornemark attracted a lot of attention with the book Det omätbaras renässans – en uppgörelse med pedanternas världsherravälde from 2018, where she, among other things, highlights the political, social and cultural significance of art. The sequel Horisonten finns alltid kvar – om det bortglömda omdömet, about the forgotten review, is expected to come out on September 23.

In Swedish. Free admission, but limited number of places to 50 due to Covid-19. Booking is required to

Platform KcSyd is a newly started artist-driven initiative that works with public art, issues around the public space and the artists’ working conditions.

Image: Jonna Bornemark. Photo: Sofia Runarsdotter

TALK: Hanni Kamaly & Santiago Mostyn on the conflict between national identity and artistic representation
Saturday 26.9 at 3 pm


The White Elephant in the Room: Public Art and National Identity

* The event is fully booked, but the talk will be livestreamed. Link here 26.9 at 3 pm. 

Who can enjoy public art? A discussion between the artists Hanni Kamaly and Santiago Mostyn on the conflict between national identity and artistic representation, both locally and from an international perspective. The talk is in English and is presented by the recently formed Platform KcSyd, a newly started artist-driven initiative that works with public art, issues around the public space and the working conditions of artists.

Santiago Mostyn (b. 1981) makes films, installations and performances that test the divide between disparate cultural spheres, employing an intuitive process to engage with a knowledge and history grounded equally in the body and the rational mind. He is currently based in Stockholm.

Hanni Kamaly (b. 1988) lives and works in Malmö. She is currently presenting Markings, a series of discursive walking in Malmö, arranged by Moderna Museet. In her performative walks Kamaly traces how shifting ideologies and power relations have shaped the city of Malmö.

Free admission and a maximum of 50 seats due to Covid-19. 

BOOK RELEASE: Lena Mattsson – The Window Opens to the World
Onsdag 30.9 kl 18–21

The bookshop/C-salen

The artistic world of the Malmö-based artist Lena Mattsson is presented in a new book published by Kerber Verlag in Berlin. Lars Gustaf Andersson, John Peter Nilsson and Charlotte Wiberg contribute with texts that shed light on Mattsson’s work from various aspects. The book is entitled The Window Opens to the World, based on what art historian Måns Holst-Ekström has said about Lena Mattson’s art: “The window opens up to the world”.

Lena Mattsson is recognized for her way of highlighting and challenging injustices and conflicts in our society. In several of her works, she herself actively participates and weaves in her own experiences – she identifies strongly with the most vulnerable in our society. This very personal, artistic and poetic interweaving of life and art gives her work a unique expression.

The book is richly illustrated and contains a number of previously unpublished installation photographs from Lena Mattsson’s solo exhibition A Small Fairytale at Malmö Konsthall (30.11–10.2 2002). The design is made by Andreas Nordström.

6–7 pm Lena Mattsson signs the book
The book is for sale to a reduced price in the book shop during the evening.

7–9 pm Conversation & display of the work of Lena Mattsson
Conversations about Mattsson’s artistic work together with Lars Gustaf Andersson, film researcher and author, and Charlotte Wiberg, author and film critic.

Lena Mattsson was born in Kungshamn in 1966 and works in Malmö. Mattsson is mainly a video and performance artist, but started as a painter and has not least been interested in the possibilities of watercolor. She also works as a curator for contemporary art. Her own works often refer to art history and film and are in an intense conversation with the present and history. She has participated in a number of exhibitions around the world. 

Image: When Hades Bursts with Blooms by Lena Mattsson. Video still with Lena Mattsson

MALMÖ GALLERY WEEK: Malmö Konsthall programme

Malmö Gallery Night is transformed into Malmö Gallery Week in times of corona. On 24–27 September, the annual event is transformed into a gallery week with opening hours from 11 am to 6 pm. Discover the multifaceted art scene of Malmö, with a mix of galleries, art institutions and temporary artist-driven initiatives. Malmö Gallery Night is arranged by Konstfrämjandet Skåne.

Malmö Konsthall’s program

The exhibition Hassan Sharif: I Am The Single Work Artist
Guided tours (45 min) Saturday & Sunday at 2 pm. In Swedish, maximum 15 people, tickets can be picked up for free the same day in the bookstore.

Nordic Panorama Film Festival: Short films by Pilvi Takala
Runs non-stop 24.9–27.9 from 11 am to 6 pm. Note: Only 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday. Takala represents Finland at the Venice Biennale 2021. In collaboration with Nordic Panorama Film Festival. Read more

Talk: Hanni Kamaly & Santiago Mostyn
Time: 26.9 at 3 pm. Maximum 50 people, pre-registration is required to or 040-34 60 00. In collaboration with Platform KcSyd.

Image: Pilvi Takala, The Stroker, 2018 (video still)

Söndag 30.8 kl 15–15.30


During the last day of the exhibition, after the performance Simone Forti’s See Saw, Luca Frei is in the bookshop to sign the exhibition catalog and other of his previous publications. The catalog is available to purchase for 80 SEK, and you can also find several of his previous publications.

Wednesday 26.8 at 6 – 7 pm


Luca Frei, born in Lugano, Switzerland, and based in Malmö since 2000, talks about his current exhibition at Malmö Konsthall. From day to day, his biggest solo exhibition to date, spans a period of twenty years and contains a number of works that have never previously been shown in Sweden. Frei brings together different art forms in the exhibition, such as design, handcraft, architecture, sculpture, graphic design and installation.

Luca Frei’s previous solo exhibitions include Kunsthaus Glarus; Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn; Museo Cantonale d’Arte, Lugano, and Lunds konsthall. Group exhibitions include Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin; The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp; and Moderna Museet, Malmö/Stockholm.

N.B. In Swedish.
Admission free, number of seats limited to 50 due to Covid-19. Admission from 5.30 pm. The restaurant is open for drinks & coffee at 5 – 6 pm.
The event takes place at 6 – 7 pm. Afterwards, there is an opportunity to exclusively visit the exhibition & our book shop.

Image: Luca Frei, Malmö Konsthall 2020. Photo: Helene Toresdotter

PERFORMANCE: Simone Forti’s See Saw
Sunday 30.8 at 2.30 pm

(max. 50 persons in the main exhibition hall)

In connection to the exhibition Från dag till dag [From day to day], Luca Frei recreates the performance piece See Saw (1960), originally by Simone Forti, in collaboration with three dancers (Nidia Martínez Barbieri, Khamlane Halsackda & Majula Drammeh) from the group Nya Rörelsen. The performance will take place on the closing day of the exhibition. The work was first shown under the direction of Luca Frei at the Moderna Museet in 2015.

After the performance, at 3–3.30 pm, the artist Luca Frei is on site to sign the exhibition catalogue in the book shop. The catalogue can be bought in the book shop for SEK 80.

Simone Forti. See Saw, 1960. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Committee on Media and Performance Art Funds. © 2020 The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Photo: Anne Tetzlaff. Image taken at Hollybush Gardens i London.

Artist talk: Jonas Georg Christensen & Peter Olsen
Sunday 16.8 at 3 pm


Meet the Danish artists Jonas Georg Christensen and Peter Olsen, who have worked together with the series Paintworks during the period 2009–18. This project is currently exhibited in Mellanrummet at Malmö Konsthall, and presented in the book Paintworks, published last year.

Paintworks shows their subtle paintings made, without permission, directly on different industrial and public buildings in Denmark. Their intervention in the facades of these late modern buildings is discreet and minimalist and underline the aesthetic qualities of the walls, and can be perceived as re-activating the surfaces of a building in public space.

Christensen and Olsen are interested in the tension between photography, painting, architecture and public space. They will talk about their series Paintworks, how it started and how they proceeded in practice, both when executing the paintings and photographing them. Each photographic work can be made up of up to 200 photographs.

Jonas Georg Christensen (b. 1983) studied fine arts at Funen- and Jutland Art Academy in Denmark. Lives and works in Copenhagen. Throughout his work, an interest in organisation – in all aspects of the word – is present. In his visually based praxis, questions related to systems, power, rights and norms are addressed.

Peter Olsen (b. 1982) studied fine arts at Jutland Art Academy in Denmark. Lives and works in Copenhagen. In his work the starting point is often a specific material, it’s materiality and a basic fascination relating to it. He works in the public space and the final works are the result of an action there.

Admission free. Duration one hour. The talk will be held in Danish, but questions can be presented in both Swedish and English. Admission free, number of seats limited to 50 due to Covid-19.

Image: Jonas Georg Christensen and Peter Olsen. Grey on Red (photographed on 22nd January). From the series Paintworks.

Concert with Halvcirkel (fully booked)
Wednesday 14.10 at 7 pm

Main exhibition hall

*The concert is postponed from the 19.8 at 6 pm to 14.10 at 7 pm.

Halvcirkel is a Danish string quartet, formed in 2015 in Copenhagen. They came together as a musical collective, to embark on a creative journey. With their background deeply rooted in the classical institution and tradition; they are on a continuous search for musical expansion.

Through improvisation, electronics, new spaces and collaborations with other art forms, Halvcirkel is broadening the context and narrative of what a string quartet is and can be. Their keywords are presence and intensity.

They have collaborated with composers such as Terry Riley, Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, Shostakovich, Benjamin Britten, Maurice Ravel as well as closer collaborations with Copenhagen based composers such as Signe Lykke, Anders Lauge Meldgaard and Nick Martin.

Tonight’s programme
– Anders Lauge Meldgaard: Fragment 94 (2018)
– Terry Riley: Salome Dances for Peace for String Quartet (1986)

Bettina Marie Ezaki, violin
Pernille Kristiansen, violin
Mika Persdotter, viola
Ida Nørby, cello

Halvcirkel has released two albums; Halvcirkel (2017) and The Gift (2018) and is supported by Statens Kunstfond “Den unge kunstneriske elite” 2020–2022.

Admission free, number of seats limited to 50 due to Covid-19. Booking required (see below). Admission from 5.30 pm.


Book a seat by emailing, heading the email “Halvcirkel”. Your place is not booked until you receive a confirmation email. You can also register by calling our bookstore on 040-34 60 00. Recommended age from 12 years. Welcome!

NY AUDIOGUIDE - A guided tour

Från 6.6

Now there are guided tours of the exhibition, customized for adults or children, to listen to directly in your mobile phone! Download the app A guided tour through App Store or Google Play and choose the tour that suits you and your company best. You can also download the app and listen to the tours at home.

PERORMANCE: Simone Forti’s See Saw
Lördag 6.6 kl 14.30

(med plats för 50 personer inne i konsthallen)

In connection to the exhibition, Luca Frei recreates the performance piece See Saw (1960), originally by Simone Forti, in collaboration with dancers (Nidia Martínez Barbieri, Khamlane Halsackda & Majula Drammeh) from the group Nya Rörelsen. The performance will take place on the opening day of June 6th at 2.30 pm and on the closing day of August 30th at 2.30 pm. The work was first shown under the direction of Luca Frei at the Moderna Museet in 2015.

Simone Forti. See Saw, 1960. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Committee on Media and Performance Art Funds. © 2020 The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Photo: Anne Tetzlaff. Image taken at Hollybush Gardens i London. 

Torsdag 18.6 kl 14–16


Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

More info about the exhibition

Info about the day of opening, Saturday June 6th:

– Open 11 am to 5 pm, also applies to restaurant Smak
– Due to Covid-19, we allow a maximum of 50 people in the exhibition space at a time
– Guided tours every hour (11 am, 12 noon, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm). We allow a maximum of 10 people per guided tour.
– Download the app A guided tour (for free) for exhibition guidance in Swedish or English
– Performance at 2.30 pm. Luca Frei recreates in collaboration with Nya Rörelsen Simone Forti’s See-Saw (1960). Maximum 50 people. The performance can also be seen from outside, through the windows from Magistratsparken. Second performance 30.8.
Simone Forti, See Saw, 1960. Performance with plywood seesaw. Dimensions and duration variable. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Committee on Media and Performance Art Funds. © 2018 The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Image: Installation view. Luca Frei. From day to day, Malmö Konsthall 2020. Photo: Helene Toresdotter


How is Malmö and the sea around us affected by climate change? And how can we work together for a cleaner sea?

In the new lecture series Art in the time of climate crisis, Nordic profiles in the field of environmental issues and art offer short talks on the environment, the sea and the future. The representatives of Malmö Konsthall are two young Sea Ambassadors, Fatima Khalil and Umer Khan, who talk about fighting for a healthier sea. During their time as Sea Ambassadors, they have spoken to the UN agency Unesco, met representatives of the Swedish government and received an invitation to the UN Climate Change Conference in 2020.

Art in the time of climate crisis is implemented with support from the Nordic Council of Ministers. The talk is in Swedish with Swedish or English subtitles. 

Picture: Fatima Khalil and Umer Khan. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg


Wednesdays 10.6–12.8

Welcome to our creative workshops at Konsthallstorget (outside the art hall) this summer! 

During the summer of 2020, you are welcome to take part in our creative workshops at the square outside Konsthallen every Wednesday between 10.6 and 12.8 at 1–4.30 pmUnder the guidance of our art pedagogues, and inspired by our ongoing summer exhibition with Luca Frei, you can create your own art work. Luca Freis exhibition From day to day is a great source of inspiration: it presents a broad artistic production and connects both design, craftsmanship, architecture, acoustics and visual creation. The workshops include a short family presentation of the exhibition at 1 pm and 3 pm. 

On a few occasions, Malmö Konsthall also organizes creative workshops in Rosengård and at the libraries (see timetable below).

About Covid-19: To minimize spread of infection we have a limited number of places in our workshops. Some waiting time may occur. No bookings in advance. Warmly welcome if you are healthy!

Creative workshop at Varda, in Vänskapsparken
Tuesday 16.6 at 1–3 pm
Monday–Wednesday 13.7–15.7 at 1–3 pm

Arabic-speaking staff available.

Creative workshops at the libraries
Thursday 6.8 at 1–3 pm, Oxiebiblioteket
Thursday 6.8 at 1–3 pm, Stadsarkivet
Tuesday 11.8 at 1–3 pm, Husiebiblioteket
Wednesday 12.8 at 1–3 pm, Bellevuegårdsbiblioteket
Friday 21.8 at 1–3 pm, Garaget



Are you aged 15–25? Would you like your artwork to be included in our new calendar for 2021?

Create a piece of art inspired by the theme “My Malmö” and send us a picture of the piece. Twelve works are selected to be included in the calendar of 2021. We will also share your work in our social media.

Participants must be aged 15–25. We receive contributions in two rounds. The deadline for the first round is 15.6 and for the second 25.10. All techniques and materials are approved. We need you to save your art work after finishing to get it published.

E-mail a picture of your art work to:

Malmö Konsthall & Österportskolan

(Svenska) K-salen

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

Tuesday 7.4 – Thursday 9.4


Spend your Easter Holiday at Malmö Konsthall. Workshop for all ages, free of charge. Get inspired by the exhibition and create your own art. Starts with a guided tour.

Guided tour 1 pm
Workshop 1.30 – 4.30



GUIDED TOUR: Inger Ekdahl och 1900-talets konsthistoria
by Johannes Kjellgren, Curator of Education
Wednesday 25.3 at 7 pm

Main exhibition hall

Guided tour of the Inger Ekdahl exhibition by Johannes Kjellgren, Curator of Education.
N.B. In Swedish.

(Svenska) Skapande verkstad på finska för hela familjen (taidetyöpaja suomeksi)
Söndag 22.3 kl 13.30–16

(Svenska) K-salen

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

(Svenska) Amfi-scenkonst: Svaghetens parti av Felicia Mulinari (fullbokat)
Lördag 10.10 kl 15 & söndag 11.10 kl 15

(Svenska) C-salen

The second part of Amfi’s series with new drama is now being played to an audience at Malmö Konsthall. The text Svaghetens parti by Malmö based author Felicia Mulinari is a lyrical depiction of pain and illness in which Mulinari examines political and existential conditions for weakness and care. What does it mean when the body is a deficiency, and which are all the bodies that carry other bodies ib our society today?

The text is performed by Sandra Medina, in a sound world designed by Sibille Attar and directed by Saga Gärde.

NB! In Swedish. A maximum of 30 people per show. Bookings here

Amfi is a new cultural platform aiming to develop and challenge Swedish contemporary drama and give space for literary voices to write for the stage.

Wednesday 18.3 at 6–8.30 pm


Welcome to a workshop led by artist Matteo Rosa. We will create our own works using paper, paint, water and glue, inspired by Ragna Bleys and Inger Ekdahl’s abstract paintings. Starts with a guided tour of the exhibition.

Free of charge but limited number of seats. Booking:

Photo: The K-salen at Malmö Konsthall

(Svenska) VERNISSAGE: KG Nilson
Onsdag 26.2 kl 18–21

(Svenska) Mellanrummet

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

BOOK RELEASE with reading by Ragna Bley
Wednesday 11.3 at 6–9 pm


Release of the book Ragna Bley with photos of Bley’s new paintings, created for her ongoing exhibition at Malmö Konsthall. The book is designed by the Norwegian artist Kristoffer Busch and contains an essay written by curator and art critic Rhea Dall. The book will be sold at the release and the artist will be there for book signing. Reading by Ragna Bley at 7 pm and serving of special sweets and refreshments.

Photo: Ragna Bley in Oslo. Photo: Ove Kvavik

Sunday 4.10, 2–4 pm


Artist Lisa Jeannin launch her new book Mästarverket (The Master’s Work), and a special edition; a Package from the Master, in an edition of 13. All published by Smaragdina Skrifter, Lisa Jeannin’s alchemical book publisher. The book and the package from the Master are designed by Leo Norgren.

Book signing by Lisa Jeannin, who is present during the release. Mästarverket is sold to a special price.

AMFI #1 Lone Aburas: Det är ett jag som talar (Räkenskapens timme)
Saturday 29.2 at 3 pm
Sunday 1.3 at 3 pm (discussion afterwards)

(Svenska) C-salen

A staging of the Danish book “Det er et jag der taler”. Saga Gärde is performing this monologue which is one of three in a series about how the drama and scenery in poetry can come to life.

(Svenska) VISNING: Inger Ekdahl och 1900-talets konsthistoria
Av konstpedagog Johannes Kjellgren
Onsdag 12.2 kl 19

(Svenska) Utställningshallen

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Artist talk: Ragna Bley

Main exhibition hall / C-salen

Artist talk with the Swedish artist Ragna Bley. Short introduction by Director Mats Stjernstedt in the main exhibiton hall at 3 pm.
In Swedish.

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Ragna Bley, 2019. Photo: Einar Aslaksen

Malmö Konsthall + Lindängenbiblioteket
4.2 – 6.5

Do you like to discuss what you read? Then you are welcome to “Novelklubben” which is a cooperation between Malmö Konsthall and Lindängenlibrary.

Here we read short stories about climate change and discuss the texts together in a group. The discussion and books are in Swedish. If you want to join, go to the Swedish page for more information.


Image: Sun&Sea (Marina). Opera-performance av Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, Vaiva Grainytė och Lina Lapelytė på Venedigbiennalen 2019. © Andrej Vasilenko

OPENING: Ragna Bley & Inger Ekdahl
Friday 31.1 at 7–9 pm

Main exhibition hall

7.30 om: Opening ceremony and welcome address by Director Mats Stjernstedt.

Warm welcome!

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Image: Ragna Bley. Photo: Einar Aslaksen. Ragna Bley, Untitled (detail), 2019
Inger Ekdahl, Untitled, 1976. Courtesy Ystads konstmuseum. Inger Ekdahl. Photo: unknown photographer


HOLIDAY WORKSHOP: Ragna Bley & Inger Ekdahl
Tuesday–Thursday 18.2, 19.2 & 20.2

(Svenska) K-salen

This is a workshop open for all ages. Come and create your own art inspired by the exhibitions with Ragna Bley and Inger Ekdahl! The workshop starts with a viewing in Swedish at 1 pm and is open until 4.30 pm.

Free of charge.


Image: Ragna BleyUntitled (detalj), 2019. Foto: Einar Aslaksen

WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Ragna Bley & Inger Ekdahl
Saturdays & Sundays 1.2–5.4


Open workshop for all ages. Get inspired by the exhibition and create your own art. Starts with a guided tour at 1 pm.

Free of charge and open for everyone.

Guided tour 1 pm
Workshop 1.30 – 4.30


Image: Ragna BleySlants, 2019. 

(Svenska) VISNING: The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist
Lördag 11.1 kl 14

(Svenska) Utställningshallen

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TWO COSMOPOLITANS: Ulf Peter Hallberg & Lasse Söderberg
Wednesday 19.2 at 6 pm

(Svenska) C-salen

Life and writing in two foreign countries.

A reading and dialogue with authors Ulf Peter Hallberg and Lasse Söderberg.

The talk is going to be in Swedish.


Image: Reinhard Jirgl & F.Á.-García

”Varje människa är en trädgård” av Åsa Maria Bengtsson
Onsdag 5.2 kl 18.30

(Svenska) Bokhandeln/C-salen

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Överlevarna by Bernt Hermele and Cato Lein
Saturday 25.1 2-5 pm

Malmö Konsthalls bookshop

Release of the book Överlevarna by journalist Bernt Hermele and photographer Cato Lein.

At 3 pm, there will be a talk between Bernt Hermele and Henryka Wieser Septimus, a Holocaust survivor featured in the book.

Co-organiser: Ordfront förlag

(Svenska) KONST OCH KUNSKAP föreningen gästar C-salen
Onsdag 8.1 kl 17–21

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(Svenska) UTSTÄLLNING: Skapande skola-projekt
17.12 – 12.1

(Svenska) Mellanrummet

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(Svenska) VISNING
Dagligen kl 14 & ons kl 18

(Svenska) Utställningshallen

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Saturdays & Sundays 28.12–5.1 2020 at 1–4.30 pm


Open workshop for all ages. Get inspired by The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist (Room G) and create your own art. Starts with a guided tour at 1 pm.

Free of charge, but limited number of seats.

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