Program 2018

Conversations on Blackness, Beauty, and States of Being
Saturday 15.12, 12–4 pm


An event by Migration Memory Encounters project (MME) that was formed in 2017 to create a platform for the various art forms from migrant artists to showcase their work and begin a vital conversation with the Swedish society. This track aims in creating a thematic public discussion forum with arrangements on important political and social topics but based on literature, art, film, and activism.

Moderators: Jason Holness, Sarah Nakiito and Temi Odumosu.
Participants: Cecilia Germain, Fatima Moallim, Makda Embaie, Sonnie Gondwe, Yahneake Sterling, Fatima Osborne, Yannick Harrison and Cris Gera.

Ana María Bermeo Ujueta and Mamak Babak-Rad will host the programme and Parvin Ardalan will open the event.
 In Swedish and English.

MME is funded by the Swedish Arts Council and Malmö stad. Parvin Ardalan is the co-founder and the project manager of MME.

Image: Parvin Ardalan

Thursday 13.12, 1 pm

Mellanrummet/Restaurang Smak

Traditional Lucia Day celebrations with klass 5A and 5B from the Monbijouskolan under the guidance of music teacher Anna Rosenqvist.

Co-organiser: Monbijouskolan

Please note! Photography and filming are prohibited.

FILM SCREENING: Two films about Bo Cavefors by Lena Mattsson
Saturday 8 December, 3 pm


The artist Lena Mattsson has documented and filmed Bo Cavefors for many years. Now will two film versions of these works be shown: I betraktarens öga (In the Eye of the Beholder) from 2014 and Den kulturelle onanisten (The Cultural Masturbator) from 2015.

Lena Mattsson’s synchronised video triptych I betraktarens öga was shown in 2014 at Moderna Museet Malmö. Both the video triptych and the documentary film shed light on the life and times of the myth, man and human being Bo Cavefors. The film has English subtitles and is 35:29 minutes long. The music was specially composed by Conny C-A Malmqvist.

In the film Den kulturelle onanisten (The Cultural Masturbator) Lena Mattsson focuses the camera on questions about censorship; censorship is something both she and Bo Cavefors have been exposed to. She illustrates in an artistic and poetic way, the right to express oneself in words and images. The film has English subtitles and is 34:20 minutes long. The music is composed by Conny C-A Malmqvist and Andi Almqvist.

Lena Mattsson gives a short introduction to the films. Don’t miss the exhibition Bo Cavefors förlag – an unbounded story of culture in Mellanrummet.

Free, but limited number of seats.

Image: Bo Cavefors. Film still from The Cultural Masturbator by Lena Mattsson, 2015

(Svenska) Språk och bild: skapande verkstad på finska för hela familjen
Kieli ja kuva: taidetyöpaja koko perheelle suomeksi
Lördag 17.11 kl 13–16

(Svenska) K-salen

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

BOOK RELEASE: “Ekphrases in a Cursed Age - Thoughts on Cities, Architecture, Gardens, Spaces, Design and Art” by Måns Holst-Ekström
Sunday 9.12, 2.30 pm


In his preface to the book, Leif Holmstrand writes “about the experienced curiosity that the texts are steaming with, the kind of blackened optimism and clear-sighted desire for exploration that a greedy reader enjoys.” And further down on how “[m]emory and personal reflection build roads and bridges in the brain’s microcosm.” Ekphrases has roots in classical Greek rhetoric. Ekphrases is to describe in words a work of art so that it becomes visible to the listener or reader; Out of the visual object, a text is born. The art of describing is practiced today in art, architectural and design criticism but also has an extensive, and problematic, relationship to the subject of art history. In the author’s introduction and an introductory essay, the ekphrases in modern times is discussed. Then, ten chapters with short and long ekphrases, that sometimes grow into to essays, follow. Ekphrases in a Cursed Age is a book based on a wording by Peter Cornell. “For if it is the beholder who makes, or at least actualizes the artwork, there is only contemporary art – everything else belongs to the indolence of the viewer.” In addition to the texts, the book contains a small selection of black and white photos and a reproduction of a previously unpublished work by Per Wizén. It is designed by Matilda Plöjel for Sailor Press and covers about 300 pages.

Måns Holst-Ekström is a writer, critic and art historian. He was an assistant professor in fine arts at the Royal Institute of Art 2001–2006 and is currently working at Lund University.

Image: Siri Derkert working with “Ristningar” on Östermalms subway station, 1962. Photographer unknown.

OPENING: Bo Cavefors förlag – A Boundless History of Culture
Wednesday 14.11, 5–9 pm


6 pm
The video film I betraktarens öga by Lena Mattsson with Bo Cavefors will be shown
as a re-edited single-screen documentary film version. Lena Mattsson’s synchronised video triptych I betraktarens öga was shown in 2014 at Moderna Museet. Both the video triptych and the documentary film shed light on the life and times of the myth, man and human being Bo Cavefors. The film has English subtitles and is 35:29 minutes long. The music was specially composed by Conny C-A Malmqvist. C-salen.

Conversation about Bo Cavefors förlag with Lena Mattsson, artist, Måns Holst-Ekström, author and art critic, and Thomas Millroth, author and art critic. Moderator: Per Engström, Malmö Konsthall Bookshop
. C-salen.

Image: CD made for Bo Cavefors, Barnsliga memoarer (Childhood memories), 1995. Illustration: Carsten Regild

WORKSHOP: Create together with Konstlyftet
Wednesday 14.11, 1–4:30 pm
Wednesday 21.11, 1–4:30 pm


With image and text you can create your own art work that can be opened and closed. Daglig Verksamhet LSS Bokbytet and Fabriken is in place between 1–5 pm.
Free and open to all.

Daglig Verksamhet LSS is a daily activities programme under the Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments.

KONSTLYFTET was launched in 2011 and focuses on people with cognitive or physical functional challenges. The participants are inspired by exhibitions at Malmö Konsthall and work with graphics on a small and large scale. Everyone participates based on their own unique circumstances.

SEMINAR: Art, Science and Environment
Wednesday 21.11, 7–8.30 pm


In science, as well as in art, our human means of perception and the limits of our ability to observe, understand and express the reality we live in are investigated. In our time, the questions of how we are to achieve a sustainable development – and deal with the immense environmental challenges facing the world and humankind – are burning topics for scientists and artists alike. At the seminar on 21 November, we will explore these interfaces between art and science.

Jonas Alwall, sociologist and lecturer at Malmö University, and Linnéa Havsfjord Lindgren, with a background in art as well as environmental studies, will lecture and lead a discussion with the audience.

Co-operator: Malmö University. Free, but limited number of seats.

Image: Olafur Eliasson, The Weather Project, 2003. Turbin Hall, Tate Modern, London.

POETRY from the Baltic Sea Region
Saturday 27.10, 3–4 pm


Welcome to a multilingual poetry reading that focuses on poetry written in non-majority languages. Participants include the initiators of the international poetry network Frannie:
Tomas Cepaitis, Lithuanian poet
Polina Kopylova, Russian poet
Viktoria Neboryakina, Estonian poet
Arsen Mirzayev, Russian poet, publisher & avant-garde expert

Translations into English and Danish will be supplied.
Co-organiser: The Frannie Network
Free, but limited number of seats.

Image: One of the Republic of Uzupis‘ works of public art, a project by Tomas Cepaitis

WORKSHOP: Get involved in changing art!
Wednesday 24.10, 5–7 pm


Open workshop for anyone who is 15 to 18 years old and interested in art.
Co-organiser: Malmö Art Museum

Wednesday 28.11, 7 pm

Mellanrummet/Restaurang Smak

A conversation about the 14 women who have been awarded the Nobel Prize in literature over time, with a focus on Wislawa Szymborska and Svetlana Alexievich, among others.

Participants: Daniel Sandström, literary director at Bonniers, Agneta Pleijel, author, Ann Lingebrandt, author and Kajsa Öberg Lindsten, translator

Restaurang Smak will be open. Table reservations are advised – phone 040-50 50 35.
Co-organisers: Albert Bonniers Förlag, Bokförlaget Atlas, Bokförlaget Forum, ellerströms förlag, Ersatz, Modernista, Norstedts, Wahlström & Widstrand

Free admission but places are limited.

Illustration: Kristin Lidström

BOOK RELEASE: Don’t Just Give Up – Quit! by Emma Philipson
Saturday 24.11, 2–3.30 pm

Malmö Konsthall's Bookshop

Artist Emma Philipson releases her new book Don’t Just Give Up – Quit!. The book is a sequel to Do A Bad Job and Make it Worse, which was published in 2016. The book is available for purchase at a special price during the launch event.

Emma Philipson studied at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts at Umeå University and graduated with a Master’s in Fine Arts in 2004. She then spent some years working with video and performance art. Since 2015 she has worked mainly with drawing and texts. In her artistic practice, she creates a new image every day, which she shares on Instagram. Her aim is to de-dramatise creative processes and have fun with them, to capture the ideas that come to her, whether or not they are good ones. Emma Philipson is based in Malmö.

READING HOLIDAY: Create with Malmö Konsthall
Week 44

Libraries in Malmö (see below)

Create pages for our accordion book. Free, for all ages.

Monday 29.10, 10–12 am: Lindängenbiblioteket
Monday 29.10, 14–16 pm: Bellevuegårdsbiblioteket
Tuesday 30.10, 10–12 am: Oxiebiblioteket
Tuesday 30.10, 14–16 pm: Limhamnsbiblioteket
Wednesday 31.10, 10–12 am: Husiebiblioteket
Wednesday 31.10, 14–16 pm: Garaget
Wednesday 31.10, 16–18.30 pm: Rosengårdsbiblioteket
Thursday 1.11, 10–12 am: Kirsebergsbiblioteket
Thursday 1.11, 10–12 am: Stadsbiblioteket (Balagan)
Thursday 1.11, 14–16 pm: Stadsbiblioteket (Kanini)

Tuesday 30.10, 1–4.30 pm
Wednesday 31.10, 1–4.30 pm
Thursday 1.11, 1–4.30 pm


Experience the exhibitions with Maria Lindberg and Jacqueline de Jong’s magazine The Situationist Times. Get inspired and create your own images. Starts with a guided tour at 1 pm.
Free and open for everyone.

LECTURE: Rudolf Broby-Johansen, Coffee Table Books and Communist Art Production
Jakob Jakobsen, artist and activist
Wednesday 7.11, 7 pm


With Jacqueline de Jong’s The Situationist Times as point of departure Jakob Jakobsen, artist and activist, will talk about the image book and the movement for democratising art by means of offset printing and mass distribution. This tendency can be found in the proposal of a ‘Museum without Walls’ (Museum Imaginaire) by the French cultural critic and politician André Malraux, and it was put into practice through the numerous image books he and others produced for people to experience art in their everyday lives. The Danish communist educator Broby-Johansen was one of the first authors to use the book in this way through the many picture albums he published in the 1940s and beyond.

In Danish. Free, but limited number of seats.

Image from Rudolf Broby-Johansen, Hverdagskunst – Verdenskunst (Everyday Art – World Art), 1942

Award ceremony and artist’s talk
Wednesday 10 October 7 pm.


This year’s Winner of Barbro and Holger Bäckström Scholarship is Kah Bee Chow. Welcome you to the award ceremony and artist’s talk.

The Barbro and Holger Bäckström Scholarship is presented annually to a promising or established Swedish artist. It is the largest award to an individual artist in Sweden to date. The award will be presented this year at Malmö Konsthall as Malmö Art Museum is currently being renovated.
More about the award

Photo: Kah Bee Chow, 龜 鬼 (Turtle Ghost) (II), 2017, from the exhibition “Skip Zone” at Magenta Plains, NY

Saturday 29.9, 6–12 pm

15-minute guided tour of the exhibitions
at 7, 9 and 11 pm.

Drop-in workshop in K-salen, 7–10 pm
Free, but limited number of seats.

Image: Photography for The Situationist Times no. 7. Original photography by Hans Brinkman (early 1970s)

Wednesday 17.10, 7–9 pm


MALMÖTXT presents the poets Matt Rasmussen (US via Skype), Caspar Eric (DK) and Ingvild Lothe (NO). Open stage during the evening. Host: Ludwig Landström.

Matt Rasmussen (b. 1975) is an American poet who debuted in 2006 with Fingergun but who is best known for his acclaimed and award-winning collection of poetry, Black Aperture from 2013. In the book Rasmussen writes movingly and with humour about his older brother’s suicide. The book is an elegy that maps in slow motion how death’s dark flower bud breaks open and then unavoidably blossoms.

Caspar Eric (b. 1987) is a Danish poet who debuted in 2012 with jegtænkerpådetværelsejegharsometanalogtinternet from AFV Press. In 2014 he published 7/11, a book about being young in 2014, and the protagonist of the book is very reminiscent of the author himself. It is a portrait of a generation and of our digital era, and focuses on identity and love, showing how identity is put at risk in social media. In 2015 he published the long poem “Nike”, in which the author, using his cerebral palsy as a starting point, reflects on what it is like to live with a handicap in today’s society. In 2017 he published Avatar, which consists of eight poems or suites of poems based on various texts, statements or artworks by and about young men who have committed suicide. His latest book Alt hvad du ejer is a narrative about a parenthood that never happened. Caspar Eric has also translated the American authors Mira Gonzalez and Tao Lin into Danish.

Ingvild Lothe (b. 1990) is a Norwegian poet who debuted in 2015 with Litt lyst til å pule, litt lyst til å dø from AFV Press. Published a year later was Hvorfor er jeg så trist når jeg er så søt. The book was translated into Swedish as Varför är jag så ledsen, jag som är så söt (Why am I so sad, I who am so cute) by Carl Lindsten and published by IT-LIT earlier this year. With poems about being impossible, Lothe made a breakthrough in 2016. Her collection of poems is a depiction of her childhood and youth that strives to be 100% honest. The book starts with a depiction of how an eight-year-old girl and her brother pee in the bath water to stay warm and avoid having to get out. Then follows a sarcastic and impassioned story about a good little girl who doesn’t have the strength to keep going. Who trips up. It is poetry about being quiet and still. Hiding herself. Dieting. Getting her period. Shaving her body. Having an abortion. Getting sperm sprayed in her face. Masturbating. Resisting. A poetry collection about growing up in the 2000 era with the Internet’s blue hyperlinks in her blood. Hvorfor er jeg så trist når jeg er så søt has been published in three editions in Norway and praised by both critics and readers throughout the Nordic region.

Admission free but places are limited. Doors open at 6.30.
Co-organiser. MALMÖTXT

MALMÖTXT is an experimental literary platform that combines readings by published authors with an open stage and remote participation (e.g. via Skype). Sometimes there are panel discussions, performances and live poetry composition.

Saturday 6.10, 3 pm


Artist’s talk with the American artist Molly Lowe (b.1983, California), who is visiting Lilith Performance Studio in October with the major visual art performance GAME ON. Molly Lowe’s imagery retrieves power from below, and originates in uncomfortable feelings and limitations that are associated with living in a human body today. With a playful and direct approach to sculpture, video, film, performance and sound, Lowe builds an idiosyncratic aesthetic that grabs our immediate present and questions the hyper-voyeuristic culture we live in.

Co-organiser: Lilith Performance Studio.
Free, but limited number of seats.

Image: Molly Lowe – GAME ON. Courtesy the artist

SMOCKADOLL FÖRLAG: Bengal Street Art and the Lyrics of Rohingya Refugees
Wednesday 19.9, 7–9 pm


Conversation, Screening and Live Features by street artist Ruhul Amin Kajol, author Anisur Rahman and Kristian Carlsson from Smockadoll förlag.
Language: English, Swedish, Danish, Bengal

Free, but limited number of seats.
Co-organiser: Smockadoll Förlag

Ruhul Amin Kajol was born in Bangladesh in 1956 and lives in Denmark. He’s a socially comitted artist, who since the 1980’s has had exhibitions all over the world. His street art is staged through collective processes. From “Street Art” he coined the more striking concept of “Traffic Art”. Or, as Ebadur Rahman pointed out in Flash Art Asia: “Like a hip-hop poet, Ruhul Amin Kajol’s public art projects mix pop, politics, spirit and a strange sadness.”

Anisur Rahman was born in Bangladesh in 1978 and lives in Sweden. He’s a writer, poet and dramatist, with quite a number of books under his belt. In Swedish most recently Diskouppdraget och andra berättelser. Thanks to his direction, the public literary scene in Uppsala has increased through unexpected collaborations, and new literary names have arisen. During 2018 he has initiated writing workshops among Rohingya refugees in Teknaf in south-eastern Bangladesh – a long-range project for stories from a silenced people.

Kristian Carlsson is born in 1978. He is a poet and translator, with a dramatical number of books under his belt since the debut in 1996. In his first decade as publisher of Smockadoll Förlag, he has introduced a large number of exile writers to Swedish readers. He is also one of the founders of the Swedish branch of Bushwick Book Club, as well as leading several other concepts for the public literary scene.

IMAGE: Anisur Rahman. Photo: Fredrik Haglund

GUIDED TOUR by Director Mats Stjernstedt
Sunday 16.9 at 2 pm

Main exhibition hall

Director Mats Stjernstedt presents the recently opened exhibitions Maria Lindberg and Jacqueline de Jong & The Situationist Times: Same Player Shoots Again!.
Free admission. In Swedish.

Image: Mats Stjernstedt. Photo: Andreas Omvik

Jacqueline de Jong in conversation
with Hans Brinkman and curator Ellef Prestsæter
Saturday 15.9, 3 pm


Between 1962 and ’67, the Dutch artist Jacqueline de Jong published six issues of the legendary magazine The Situationist Times. At the beginning of the 1970s, she worked together with her then-partner Hans Brinkman on a seventh issue that would be about playing pinball. That project was never realised but the material they produced for the issue is now being exhibited at Malmö Konsthall and reveals an extremely broad attitude to the culture of pinball. The pair were interested in the game’s history, psychology, jargon, visual culture and social contexts, but above all they were keen players themselves. As Brinkman put it: ”Playing pinball is delightful!” What is the reason for this inexhaustible fascination for pinball? How does a person become a pinball mechanic? What does this have to do with art? And why was the seventh issue of the magazine never published? In conversation with curator Ellef Prestsæter, de Jong and Brinkman look back at The Situationist Times and the pinball era. Same Player Shoots Again!

NB! In English. Free admission but places are limited.

Bild: Jacqueline de Jong, Back home in Big Valley, 2018. Courtesy konstnären

Saturdays and Sundays: 15.9–25.11
1.30–4.30 pm


Open workshop. Get inspired by our current exhibitions Maria Lindberg and Jacqueline de Jong & The Situationist Times: Same Player Shoots Again!. Create your own art. Starts with a guided tour in Swedish 1 pm.
Free, but limited number of seats.

LISTEN to the exhibition!
Wednesday 22.8, 3–5 pm
Thursday 23.8, 3–5 pm
Friday 24.8, 3-5 pm

Exhibition hall

Samuel Sundin Waldenström, also known as Sunwald, is a composer who operates with sound between time and large scale space. In a new sound piece dedicated to Siri Aurdal’s exhibition Continuum, Sunwald takes the concept of sound and waves as a starting point in a meeting with Siri Aurdal’s sculptures.

Sunwald’s music mixes sine waves, “field recording” and white noise offering a new dimension to the exhibition.

TALK: Iris Müller-Westermann and Mats Stjernstedt
Wednesday 22.8 at 7 pm


Iris Müller-Westermann, Director of Moderna Museet Malmö, and Mats Stjernstedt, Director of Malmö Konsthall, in conversation about the summer exhibitions by Katarzyna Kobro and Siri Aurdal.
Free, but limited number of seats.

MALMÖFESTIVALEN: Shape the future
Monday 13.8, 11 am–7 pm
Tuesday 14.8, 11 am–7 pm
Wednesday 15.8, 11 am–7 pm

Place: Hamngatan

Come and make sculptures in different materials in a workshop led by artist Nina Jensen and art educators from Moderna Museet Malmö, Malmö Konstmuseum and Malmö Konsthall. For all ages.

Sunday 26.8 at 3 pm

Main exhibition hall

Musical performance by the Malmö School of Arts percussion students on Siri Aurdal’s sculptures.

Image: Installation view. Siri Aurdal. Continuum, Malmö Konsthall 2018.
Photo: Helene Toresdotter

CREATIVE WORKSHOP IN FINNISH: Waves, Rhythm and Composition
Sunday 19.8, 1–4 pm

Suomenkielinen taidetyöpaja koko perheelle

Recommended from 4 years old. Starts with a guided tour in Finnish.
Free, but limited number of seats. Please book in advance at johannes.kjellgren(at)

Image: Installation view. Siri Aurdal. Continuum, Malmö Konsthall 2018.
Photo: Helene Toresdotter

NEW POETRY from Bosnia-Hercegovina
Wednesday 20.6, 6.30–9 pm


Meet five poets from Bosnia-Hercegovina invited by Danskt-Svenskt Författarsällskap: Lidija Pavlović Grgić, Sead Husić, Aleksandra Čvorović, Danica Nain-Rudović and Joso Živković. They will present the new anthology Ny lyrik fra Bosnien-Hercegovina together with local authors including Aleksandar Šajin, Niels Hav, Per Olof Johansson and Karsten Bjarnholt.

Admission is free but places are limited. In original language and Danish.
Co-organiser: Danskt-Svenskt Författarsällskap with support from Nordisk Kulturfond and Statens Kunstfond.

Image: Lidija Pavlović Grgić, Aleksandra Čvorović and Sead Husić

Tuesday 5.6, 4 pm


Stiftelsen Malmö Konsthall av år 1931’s award cermony. This year’s awarded artist Magnus Wallin will give an artist’s talk. Read more

N.B.! In Swedish. Admission free. In cooperation with Stiftelsen Malmö Konsthall av år 1931.

Image: Magnus Wallin, Elements, 2011 (detail). Film installation with projection, 3-D animated film

ART WEDNESDAY for everyone
27.6, 4.7, 11.7, 18.7, 25.7, 1.8, 8.8
1–4.30 pm

Open workshop for everyone. Starts with a guided tour in Swedish of the current exhibition Continuum.

Free, but limited number of seats.

Image: Installation view. Siri Aurdal. Continuum, Malmö Konsthall 2018.
Photo: Helene Toresdotter

26–27.5, 2.6, 9.6 and 18.8, 25.8
1–4.30 pm


Open workshop. Get inspired by our current exhibition Continuum. Create your own art. Starts with a guided tour in Swedish 1 pm.

Free, but limited number of seats.

Image: Installation view. Siri Aurdal. Continuum, Malmö Konsthall 2018.
Photo: Helene Toresdotter

Saturday 18.8 at 3 pm
Saturday 25.8 at 3 pm


See the film En kunstners arbeid (An artist’s work) about Siri Aurdal made by NRK in 1974.
Free entrance, but limited number of seats.

Siri Aurdal, Havbølger, 1972. Public commission, elementary school, Oslo

DJ-SET with Olof Dreijer
Friday 25.5, 10 pm

Olof Dreijer is a music producer, DJ and musician. As a member of the Swedish electronic pop group, The Knife, Olof has been involved in different cultural projects where music plays a central role in communicating political beliefs.

The last decade has seen him playing mostly throughout Europe when he’s not too busy producing music in his Berlin studio. Currently, as a DJ, Olof Dreijer plays a mix of West African pop music, Kuduro, Acid, Hip Hop, R&B, and melodic Techno and House.

Co-organiser: Inkonst, Malmö

OPENING with after party
Friday 25.5, 6–midnight

Opening of the exhibition Siri Aurdal. Continuum

7 pm
Director Mats Stjernstedt welcomes. Anna Lena Lindberg, Professor Emerita in Arts at Lund University, opens the exhibition. Musical performance by the Malmö School of Arts percussion students.

The evening continues in Mellanrummet and the restaurant with
Malmö Konsthall Summer Party 9 pm–midnight.
The after party is a collaboration with Inkonst and Restaurang SMAK. The restaurant is open from 6 pm. To book a table please call 0046 40 50 50 35.

10 pm
DJ-set with Olof Dreijer (see below)

PAGES: A 20th anniversary archive

Malmö Konsthall Bookshop

PAGES is an annual international artist’s fair in Britain, organized by John McDowall and Chris Taylor, for over 20 years. The first fair was held in Halifax, 1998, but in recent years it has been at the “The Tetley”, a culture house, in Leeds.

In this archive you find a selection of what has been shown over the years at the fair. In Britain, artists’ books have a prominent position as an artistic expression, with special departments at art schools and art research institutes, which focus mainly on the artists’ books. The PAGES archive provides an interesting insight into British artist’s book practice.

Co-organisers: MABB – Malmö Artists’ Book Biennial and Studiefrämjandet i Malmö

Image: PAGES: A 20th anniversary archive. Photo: Christel Lundberg

23.4 – 6.5 2018


Opening Monday April 23, 1–3 pm
Inaugeration 1.30 pm

KONSTLYFTET 2017 is a co-operation between Daglig verksamhet LSS Annexet, Bokbytet, Butik Holmgången, Fabriken, Framtiden, Geijersgatan, Getgatan, Informationsgruppen, Kronan, Kulladal, Lindeborg, Linnéhuset, Pappersmakarna, Kulturhuset Teamus; and KKV Grafik and Malmö Konsthall

BOKRELEASE: Chicago/Ireland by Per L-B Nilsson
Saturday 28.4, 3–5 pm

Malmö Konsthall bookshop

Photography and the modern city are two intimately interwoven phenomena; the city’s ever-changing street life has exerted a strong attraction for many photographers and belongs to one of photography’s oldest genres. Swedish photographer Per L-B Nilsson’s first trip to Ireland took place in the mid-1960s and since then he has returned regularly with his camera. The majority of the pictures in this book were taken in Dublin in 1967, but it also includes images from Galway, Tralee, Tubercurry and Derry in the ’70s and ’80s. The timeframe of the Chicago pictures is significantly shorter. They were made between 1981 and ’84 in conjunction with Per L-B Nilsson’s studies at the Institute of Design. The character of the places has influenced the method of photography and the style of the pictures. The grey light and rain lends the Ireland pictures a tone completely different from Chicago’s sharp light and hard contrasts.

The book Chicago/Ireland is published by Art and Theory Publishing in Stockholm. Writer Niclas Östlind, fil. dr. i fotografi vid Akademin Valand. Graphic design: Petter Antonisen.

FILM SCREENING: Judith Scott’s Magic Cocoons
Weekend 5–6.5 kl. 11–17


Meet the artist Judith Scott in the 36-minute documentary film Judith Scott’s Magic Cocoons by Philippe Lespinasse. The film was made in 2006 by Collection de l’Art Brut/Lokomotiv films, Lausanne/Bordeaux. Judith Scott’s sculptures are made of everyday objects that have been diligently combined, entwined and woven together under layers of fabric strips and yarn. Her work transforms them into organic entangled objects, which both hide and reveal their various components.

Free admission. French/English.

Image: Judith Scott, Untitled, 2004. Courtesy Creative Growth Art Center

RERELEASE PARTY: Ordkonst x Berkeley Poetry Review
Wednesday 2.5, 7.30–10.30 pm

Mellanrummet/Restaurant Smak

The magazine Ordkonst is releasing a new issue about translation, which is a co-operation with the university journal Berkeley Poetry Review (BPR).
Talks & readings. In Swedish.

Co-organiser: Ordkonst
Free admission but places are limited.
Restaurant Smak is open.

Annika Eriksson: I Am a Perfectly Happy Person/About Charlotte von Mahlsdorf
Wednesday 2.5, 6.30 pm


After Work Shop
Sunday 22.4, 1–2.45 pm


Matilda Plöjel, Sailor Press
Jens Henricson och Jerker Knape, Woodpecker Projects
Helena Fernández-Cavada, artist

The artist in collaboration with the designer, a conversation led by Thomas Millroth, art critic and author.

Co-organisers: MABB – Malmö Artists’ Book Biennial and Studiefrämjandet i Malmö
In English. Free admission but places are limited.

WSW's artist’s book-publishing
Sunday 22.4, 11 am–12 noon


Erin Zona, Artistic Director, Women Studio Workshop
Presenter: Joakim Norling, editor of the Timglaset publishing house

Co-organisers: MABB – Malmö Artists’ Book Biennial and Studiefrämjandet i Malmö
In English. Free admission but places are limited.

Photo: Christel Lundberg

MABB2018 party
Friday 20.4, 8–11 pm

Mellanrummet/Restaurang Smak

Performance 20:30: Are you religious? by Helena Jureén

Co-organisers: MABB – Malmö Artists’ Book Biennial and Studiefrämjandet i Malmö

Bild: Performance Helena Jureén, Are you religious?. Photo: Helga Steppan

SEMINAR part 2: Artists' books, so what?
Wednesday 18.4, 7–9 pm


How do people outside the Nordic region work with and present artists’ books today?

Antoine Lefebvre, antoine lefebvre editions (FR)
John McDowall, AMBruno (UK)
Lina Nordenström, Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet in Uttersberg (SE)
Maddy Rosenberg, CENTRAL BOOKING (US)

Presenter: Joakim Norling, editor of the Timglaset publishing house
Co-organisers: MABB – Malmö Artists’ Book Biennial and Studiefrämjandet i Malmö
In English. Free admission but places are limited.

Photo: Antoine Lefebvre

SEMINAR part 1: Artists' books, so what?
Wednesday 11.4, 7–9 pm


The status of artists’ books in Scandinavia – trends and development.

Marika Reuterswärd, director of Kristianstads konsthall
Matilda Plöjel, Sailor Press
Kirke Meng and Karin Hald, Forlaget Gestus
Kristina Bengtsson, Hour Projects
Thomas Millroth, art critic and author

Presenter: Joakim Norling, editor with the Timglaset publishing house

Co-organisers: MABB – Malmö Artists’ Book Biennial and Studiefrämjandet i Malmö
In Swedish. Free admission but places are limited.

Image: Antoine Lefebvre, La Bibliotheque Fantastique. Photo: Lucie Rocher

Artists’ Books – an historic presentation

Malmö Konsthall bookshop

Artists’ books from the collections of Bengt Adlers and Thomas Millroth are presented as part of MABB2018. In this retrospective we find early artists’ books by Anders Österlin, Eric Lennarth, CO Hultén, some Danish pioneering material by Vilhelm Bjerke Petersen, Asger Jorn and Gro Vive. Further more several international artists works are presented such as John Armleder, George Brecht, Robert Filliou, Emmet Williams, Ben Vautier, Konrad Balder Schauffelen, Dorothy Iannone, Ed Ruscha and Dieter Roth. You can also see works by Björnligan, Wedgepress & Cheese and Fabrik magazine.

Co-organisers: MABB – Malmö Artists’ Book Biennial and Studiefrämjandet i Malmö

Image: Anders Österlin, All världens konst, handmade book 1949

(Svenska) UTSTÄLLNING: Skapande skola – Min Odradek
21.3 – 15.4

(Svenska) K-salen

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

cph flip book nest


Opening 18.4, 6–7 pm
6:30 pm. Introduction by artist Christina Bredahl Duelund

cph flip book nest is a travelling gallery for flip books made by Nordic artists. The gallery was initiated this year and is run by the artist Christina Bredahl Duelund. A flipbook is a series of drawings that gradually varies from side to side, simulating a movement like an animation. For every new exhibition more artists will participate. At Malmö Konsthall works are shown by Malene Hartmann, Bue Bredsdorff, Malin Lobell, Dagmar Radmacher, Stine Gonsholt, Tore Magne, Anna Brag, Vibe Bredahl, Thomas Holmbäck, Anette Jensen, Cecilia Westerberg, Hanne G Grønlund, Gitte Bach, Mette Høyen Andersen, Maria Hornshøj, Lena Ignestam and Christina Bredahl Duelund.

Visitors are welcome to flip through and read the books. White cotton gloves can be borrowed in the “gallery”.

Part of MABB2018.

LECTURE: Franz Kafka — a scrubbing brush for the soul
Daniel Möller, Associate Professor of Literature at Lund University
Wednesday 7.3 at 7 pm


Who is Odradek really? This much-debated character is found in Franz Kafka’s short story The Cares of a Family Man, first published in 1919. Daniel Möller, Associate Professor of Literature at Lund University, will examine the Odradek character and Franz Kafka’s body of work. The focus will be on Kafka’s special ability to amaze the reader, which he uses various means to achieve and almost always succeeds.

Daniel Möller is Associate Professor of Literature at Lund University and his main research field is Early Modern Literature (c. 1500–1800). He has edited several books about Gunnar Ekelöf and is co-editor with Niklas Schiöler of the scientific anthology of Swedish poetry, Svensk poesi (Albert Bonniers Förlag, 2016).

The lecture is given in conjunction with the ongoing group exhibition Odradek.
Co-organiser: ABF Malmö. Admission is free but places are limited. In Swedish.

Image: Judith Scott, Untitled, 1999. Courtesy Creative Growth Art Center

ACTIVATION of Franz Erhard Walther’s fabric works
Sunday 22.4 at 3 pm

Main exhibition hall

Performers will be activating the works of Franz Erhard Walther in the current exhibition Odradek.
Admission free.

Caption: Franz Erhard Walther, Handlungsbahn #7, 1996–2003. Photo: Helmut Claus
Courtesy the artist and Galerie Jocelyn Wolff

GUIDED TOUR by artist Leif Holmstrand
Wednesday 14.3, 6.30 pm

The artist and writer Leif Holmstrand gives a personal guided tour of selected works in the current exhibition Odradek.

Leif Holmstrand, born in 1972 and based in Malmö, is a writer, artist and musician. He debuted in 2002 with the poetry collection Stekelgång and has since published some 20 books. These reflect a restless visual art practice with shifting roots in contemporary rainbow culture and partly neglected non-straight art history. The realities of the books and his art production also resonate in text-sound-composition, noise collage and song. His current works include the novel FÖRKYLNINGEN (Pequod Press 2017).

Co-organiser: ABF Malmö. Admission free.

LECTURE: What is textile architecture?
Wednesday 21.3 at 7 pm


What is textile architecture? Does the term refer to draped buildings that are wrapped in two-dimensional layers or to interiors where textiles are used in a spatial way? Kristina Fridh and Margareta Zetterblom describe what textile architecture can be – including with examples from Japanese architecture – and how they interpret it by jointly experimenting with textile materials on external building facades to improve noisy urban environments.

Kristina Fridh is an architect and researcher at the Academy of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg and Margareta Zetterblom is a textile designer and researcher at the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås.

Co-organiser: ABF Malmö. Admission is free but places are limited. In Swedish.

Image: Sunny Hills from 2013 in Tokyo by the architectural firm Kengo Kuma and Associates. Photo: Kristina Fridh

GUIDED TOUR: Odradek by Director Mats Stjernstedt
Wednesday 21.2, 6.30 pm

Director Mats Stjernstedt presents the recently opened exhibition Odradek.
In Swedish.

Image: Henri Jacobs, Big Waves, 2017. Courtesy the artist

LECTURE: Insider Outsider – about 'Ovartaci & The Art of Madness'
Mathias Kryger, curator
Wednesday 28.2, 7 pm

(Svenska) C-salen

Ovartaci (1894–1985) was a Danish artist, institutionalised at the psychiatric hospital in Risskov, Aarhus, for 56 years. Curator Mathias Kryger will present the work of Ovartaci and the ideas around the exhibition Ovartaci & The Art of Madness and the concepts of re-institutionalisation, schizo-analysis, animism and a potential for the formation of collectivities within the curatorial.

Working at the confluence of writing, critical theory, visual arts and performance, and writing for publications such as Politiken and Kunstkritikk, Mathias Kryger offers a particular perspective on the artistic, curatorial, and critical process. Kryger is professor at the Funen Art Academy, and has recently curated Ovartaci & The Art of Madness, William Forsythe – In the Company of Others at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, as well as the degree shows of the Funen Art Academy and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Co-organiser: ABF Malmö. Admission free, but limited number of seats.

OPENING: Odradek
Friday 16.2, 6–9 pm

Director Mats Stjernstedt and co-curator François Piron presents the exhibition at 7 pm. Followed by performers activating the sculptures of Franz Erhard Walther.

GUIDED TOUR of Odradek
Saturday 17.2, 2 pm

Main exhibition hall

Introduction by François Piron, co-curator of the current exhibition Odradek.
Artists Henri Jacobs and Katinka Bock present their works. In English.

LECTURE: Judith Scott: Process and Presence
Tom di Maria, Director of Creative Growth Art Center
Sunday 18.2, 3 pm


How does a woman, born with Downs Syndrome, deaf, and institutionalized for decades, become an artist whose sculptures are collected by leading contemporary art museums, and whose work was recently featured in the Venice Biennale?

Judith Scott’s history is compelling. Her life and career inform multiple contemporary narratives including the changing role of people with disabilities in society, an increased appreciation and understanding of self-taught artists, and the history of Creative Growth Art Center, the noted California studio for artists with disabilities where she made her work.

Please join Tom di Maria, Director of Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, California, for a presentation on Judith Scott’s process and presence. The talk will illuminate Scott’s unlikely path to artistic achievement, how changing attitudes about disability are challenging the assumptions of who can become a contemporary artist, and how Creative Growth’s studio program has developed a proven history of encouraging people with disabilities to become full cultural participants.

NB! In English. Admission free, but limited number of seats.

Caption: Judith Scott. Photo by Leon Borensztein

(Svenska) PÅSKLOVSVERKSTAD på biblioteken: Gör som Hassan

(Svenska) Måndag 26.3 kl. 10–12. Plats: Husiebiblioteket
Tisdag 27.3 kl. 14–16. Plats: Bellevuegårdsbiblioteket
Torsdag 29.3 kl. 13–16. Plats: Lindängenbiblioteket

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

(Svenska) SPORTLOVSVERKSTAD på biblioteken: Gör som Judith

(Svenska) Måndag 19.2 kl. 13–16. Plats: Oxiebiblioteket
Tisdag 20.2 kl. 13–16. Plats: Limhamnsbiblioteket
Onsdag 21.2 kl. 16–18.30. Plats: Rosengårdsbiblioteket
Fredag 23.2 kl. 13–16. Plats: Kirsebergsbiblioteket

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

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