Barn och unga 2020

#INSTÄLLT# SKAPANDE VERKSTAD: För dig som är föräldraledig med barn 0–2 år
Tisdag 24.11 kl 10–12


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Malmö Konsthall & Malmö Konstmuseum

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

OPENING WEEKEND: Hassan Sharif: I Am The Single Work Artist
19–20.9 at 11 am to 5 pm

Main exhibition hall

On the 19th of September, Malmö Konsthall opens the exhibition Hassan Sharif: I Am The Single Work Artist, which is on view during the period 19.9.2020–10.1.2021. On the opening weekend, the following special programs are offered.

Curator talk with Mats Stjernstedt 19.9 at 10.15–11 am (doors open at 10 am)
Exclusive tour of the exhibition before it opens to the public at 11 am. Mats Stjernstedt, director of Malmö Konsthall, presents the exhibition. The talk takes place in a sitting formation in the exhibition space for a maximum of 50 people. Registration is required by email to In Swedish.

Guided tour 19.9 & 20.9 at 2 pm
A guided tour of 45 minutes (in Swedish) for a maximum of 15 people. Tickets can be picked up the same day, free of charge, in the bookstore.

Creative workshop 19.9 & 20.9 at 11 am–4.30 pm
The workshop space at Malmö Konsthall has been renovated and now opens the doors to an accessibility-adapted and colorful studio! The opening hours are extended by two hours and the studio opens already at 11 am instead of 1 pm throughout the autumn. A maximum of 30 people in the studio at the same time. Short introductions to the exhibitions for families at 1 and 3 pm. All ages welcome!

The exhibition is presented in Swedish, English and Arabic with an introductory text in three languages. An audio guide is available in Swedish & English, both for children and adults. Guided tours in Arabic 18.10 at 3 pm, 11.11 at 7 pm and 12.12 at 3 pm.

Photo: Hassan Sharif, Jumping No. 1, 1983. Courtesy of Hassan Sharif Estate; Alexander Gray Associates, New York; gb agency, Paris; Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai..

This exhibition is originally organized by Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah, UAE, and curated by Hoor Al Qasimi. The European tour of the exhibition has been organized by Sharjah Art Foundation in collaboration with Krist Gruijthuijsen, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, and Mats Stjernstedt, Malmö Konsthall. 



Welcome to our newly renovated creative workshop! During the summer, we have rebuilt the space and can now open the doors to an accessibility-adapted and colorful space that triggers the creative power.

About Covid-19

We adapt our activities to protect staff and visitors. To reduce the spread of infection, we have limited the number of visitors in the room to 20 at the same time, so there may be waiting time. Get your ticket from our workshop. We have extended the opening hours with two hours, and we ask visitors to leave room for new ones if a queue arises. No pre-registrations.

All visitors are asked to wash their hands, we furnish with the possibility of keeping distance. The participants are placed at different tables with their company, and get their own material that is not shared with others to create with. We ask you to stay at home if you are not completely healthy!

Weekend workshop

19.9–22.11, Saturday & Sunday 11 am to 4.30 pm. Drop-in.

Open Friday

Every Friday in November, 6–27.11 at 2–4 pm, we have staff on site and extra material on hand. Settle down and create, alone or together with a friend. For all ages.


How is Malmö and the sea around us affected by climate change? And how can we work together for a cleaner sea?

In the new lecture series Art in the time of climate crisis, Nordic profiles in the field of environmental issues and art offer short talks on the environment, the sea and the future. The representatives of Malmö Konsthall are two young Sea Ambassadors, Fatima Khalil and Umer Khan, who talk about fighting for a healthier sea. During their time as Sea Ambassadors, they have spoken to the UN agency Unesco, met representatives of the Swedish government and received an invitation to the UN Climate Change Conference in 2020.

Art in the time of climate crisis is implemented with support from the Nordic Council of Ministers. The talk is in Swedish with Swedish or English subtitles. 

Picture: Fatima Khalil and Umer Khan. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg


Wednesdays 10.6–12.8

Welcome to our creative workshops at Konsthallstorget (outside the art hall) this summer! 

During the summer of 2020, you are welcome to take part in our creative workshops at the square outside Konsthallen every Wednesday between 10.6 and 12.8 at 1–4.30 pmUnder the guidance of our art pedagogues, and inspired by our ongoing summer exhibition with Luca Frei, you can create your own art work. Luca Freis exhibition From day to day is a great source of inspiration: it presents a broad artistic production and connects both design, craftsmanship, architecture, acoustics and visual creation. The workshops include a short family presentation of the exhibition at 1 pm and 3 pm. 

On a few occasions, Malmö Konsthall also organizes creative workshops in Rosengård and at the libraries (see timetable below).

About Covid-19: To minimize spread of infection we have a limited number of places in our workshops. Some waiting time may occur. No bookings in advance. Warmly welcome if you are healthy!

Creative workshop at Varda, in Vänskapsparken
Tuesday 16.6 at 1–3 pm
Monday–Wednesday 13.7–15.7 at 1–3 pm

Arabic-speaking staff available.

Creative workshops at the libraries
Thursday 6.8 at 1–3 pm, Oxiebiblioteket
Thursday 6.8 at 1–3 pm, Stadsarkivet
Tuesday 11.8 at 1–3 pm, Husiebiblioteket
Wednesday 12.8 at 1–3 pm, Bellevuegårdsbiblioteket
Friday 21.8 at 1–3 pm, Garaget



Are you aged 15–25? Would you like your artwork to be included in our new calendar for 2021?

Create a piece of art inspired by the theme “My Malmö” and send us a picture of the piece. Twelve works are selected to be included in the calendar of 2021. We will also share your work in our social media.

Participants must be aged 15–25. We receive contributions in two rounds. The deadline for the first round is 15.6 and for the second 25.10. All techniques and materials are approved. We need you to save your art work after finishing to get it published.

E-mail a picture of your art work to:

Malmö Konsthall & Österportskolan

(Svenska) K-salen

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

Tuesday 7.4 – Thursday 9.4


Spend your Easter Holiday at Malmö Konsthall. Workshop for all ages, free of charge. Get inspired by the exhibition and create your own art. Starts with a guided tour.

Guided tour 1 pm
Workshop 1.30 – 4.30


Release date: 27.3


Join us for a guided tour or workshop from home!

We understand that many of you are worried about the corona virus and do not, at this time, want to visit museums or other public places. Still, there is no reason to be without art experiences! We face the situation by offering tours and educational efforts digitally, so that you can take part of our program also from home.

Via the You Tube-channel of Malmö Konsthall you can take part of our popular art workshops from home. Under the guidance of our art pedagogues, you can create works of art at home, together with the kids. 

Also Kulturakuten Malmö offers digital content. Here you can find and enjoy videos from all institutions within the City of Malmö’s department of culture – both from us, the libraries in Malmö, Malmö museum and other actors in Malmö.


Workshop for kids – how to make art at home? (in Swedish)

Arabic workshop for kids – how to make art at home? (in Arabic)

(Svenska) Skapande verkstad på finska för hela familjen (taidetyöpaja suomeksi)
Söndag 22.3 kl 13.30–16

(Svenska) K-salen

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

HOLIDAY WORKSHOP: Ragna Bley & Inger Ekdahl
Tuesday–Thursday 18.2, 19.2 & 20.2

(Svenska) K-salen

This is a workshop open for all ages. Come and create your own art inspired by the exhibitions with Ragna Bley and Inger Ekdahl! The workshop starts with a viewing in Swedish at 1 pm and is open until 4.30 pm.

Free of charge.


Image: Ragna BleyUntitled (detalj), 2019. Foto: Einar Aslaksen

WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Ragna Bley & Inger Ekdahl
Saturdays & Sundays 1.2–5.4


Open workshop for all ages. Get inspired by the exhibition and create your own art. Starts with a guided tour at 1 pm.

Free of charge and open for everyone.

Guided tour 1 pm
Workshop 1.30 – 4.30


Image: Ragna BleySlants, 2019. 

(Svenska) UTSTÄLLNING: Skapande skola-projekt
17.12 – 12.1

(Svenska) Mellanrummet

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

Saturdays & Sundays 28.12–5.1 2020 at 1–4.30 pm


Open workshop for all ages. Get inspired by The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist (Room G) and create your own art. Starts with a guided tour at 1 pm.

Free of charge, but limited number of seats.

Wednesdays until 27.5

(Svenska) Samling i Malmö konsthalls bokhandel kl 17

Do you like to write? Or maybe you have an interest in art? Maybe you want to work within culture in the future? Then this is the project for you!

Together with Malmö Konsthall and Malmö Konstmuseum you get the opportunity to go behind the scenes in the art world, hold guides, write texts and discuss art!

We are looking for participants in ages 15-19 for spring 2020. The introduction was at the 5:th of February but there are still a few places available. Participation is free of charge.

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