FILM AND TALK: Precious Balance Walk
Wednesday 6.10 at 7 pm


“We are all waters in the same Ocean.”
– Yoko Ono

Precious Balance Walk by the intuitive art project I Still Live in Water; Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen, was filmed 4 days in August 2019 between bridges 1 and 2. Six Nordic performance artists (Erik Högström, Lisa Nyberg, Joakim Stampe, Elena Lundquist Ortiz, Meri Nikula, and Ignacio Pérez Pérez) were invited to perform in and with water in Oresund, at Ribersborg’s beach, Malmö. The film is ca. 13 minuts long.

Before the screening there will be improvised music from the film Precious Balance Walk; David Carlsson: solo bass, and the directors Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen will present the film and do a guided meditation with an ocean theme. After the film, there will be a conversation with the following present performance artists; Erik Högström (Malmö) and Lisa Nyberg (Malmö), and Joakim Stampe (Gothenburg) and a short presentation of the essay about the film written by curator, researcher, and author Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris.

Precious Balance Walk won Best Experimental Film at ARFF Paris Around International Film Festival 2021, and European Short Film Festival 2021, and received an award at DIFF Druk International 2021. It was also an arthouse finalist in Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2021 and is selected to several coming festivals. The film was made with support by Nordic Culture Fund, Boosthelsingborg, Filmcentrum Syd, Marine Knowledge Centre in Malmö and Ohboy hotel, Malmö.

Image: Lisa Nyberg. Still from Precious Balance Walk, Benjamin Zadig

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