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As a part of their contribution to 24 Spaces – A Cacophony, Ruler (Helsinki) has invited artist Maija Timonen to show her film Aune, or On Effective Demise (2013), and to curate a screening of works around it.

BANG! (2012, 23 min) by Matthew Noel-Tod
Aune, or On Effective Demise (2013, 56 min) by Maija Timonen
Ultimate Substance (2012, 34 min) by Anja Kirschner and David Panos

The films will be introduced by artist Maija Timonen. She describes her selection like this:

“I am interested in the intertwining of aesthetics and economy, in how history is inscribed into form and more specifically in the possibilities of film/video as an artistic medium to act as this formal conduit for both the subjective and the social dimensions of experience. I think both Matthew Noel-Tod's piece BANG! and Anja Kirschner/David Panos' Ultimate Substance manage to do something to this effect.

Walter Benjamin's writing on the distinction between Erfahrung and Erlebnis as modes of experience is interesting in relation to artists' film today. For him, as the more collectively lived Erfahrung atrophied in modernity, Erlebnis as the cult of interior sensory experience crystallized in cinema. These films are partially chosen inspired by thinking through these two forms of experience. What connects the works selected is the way they engage and problematize both the textual and somatic possibilities of film – combining a historical perspective with the immediacy of visual and auditory sensation.

Though Matthew Noel-Tod's film BANG! initially appears to narrate a history of the philosophy of mediation, as it goes on it increasingly comes across as a formal manifestation of a psychological state, weaving these two aspects together through the use of various contemporary visual registers, from digital animations to Blackberry screens. It has a particular temporality that is on the one hand flat and on the other folds in on itself, creating an impression of a feedback loop or a state of suspension.

Like BANG!, Aune presents a limbo of sorts. Not exactly a postmodern play of signifiers, but something beyond that. What is being dealt with is perhaps a post-traumatic state: an illusion of suspension at a time when the disaster has already taken place and is merely hidden under a proliferation of images. The physical being of the main character Aune becomes burdened with competing interests. The extent to which not only her body, but also her subjectivity, is idealised, objectified and pathologised, is a central concern of the film.

The foregrounding of the body carries over to Anja Kirschner's and David Panos' film, and graduates into a question about the embodiment of knowledge. While BANG! is heavy with a continuous stream of dialogue, and Aune moves away from speech, introducing instances of muteness paired with bursts of dense voiceover, in Ultimate Substance words have all but disappeared. They are replaced by concrete sounds, and there is a real materiality to the assertion that the body and realm of the senses is a contested zone.”

Bang! (2012) by Matthew Noel-Tod
24 min, HD/16:9

“There is no universal history that leads from savagery to humanity", said Adorno. But there is now a film with talking dogs that traces the development of the world spirit from Plato thru August 2011 riots to today. 'Bang!' is a materialist history of the present that uses the language of internet memes, advice dogs, and infantilised avatars to tussle with the journey from an organic society to the surreal subsumption of capital. From the closed and dog-like world of the polis, via Pico della Mirandola's discovery of species-being and Descartes' animal cruelty, to Facebook's materialised geist, it's the unfinished story of communism for a world that's gone to the dogs. You'll laugh until you howl!

Aune, or On Effective Demise (2013) by Maija Timonen
56 min, HD/16:9

Aune is a 19th century girl confined to her bed, living under the threat of amputation. She has dreams of a park that are both premonitions of the future and the site in which its absence is played out. An escalating sense of timelessness collapses Aune’s two realities, as her body takes on significance as a cipher of a larger process of dismemberment. A love story turns into a film about sex, death and the economy.

Filmed in large part at Victoria Park, London, the film is a loose adaptation of 1896 novel Aune by Finnish writer Immi Hellén.

Ultimate Substance (2012) by Anja Kirschner and David Panos
34 min, HD/16:9

Drawing on references from archaeology, philosophy, mathematics and ritual, Ultimate Substance departs from the hypothesis that the introduction of coinage in the ancient Greek world effected a profound cognitive shift that was key to the emergence of western philosophic, scientific and dramatic traditions.

The work was made during a year in Greece and filmed in and around the Numismatic Museum, Athens and Lavreotiki, a nearby mining district, which provided the silver that constituted the material base on which the edifice of the classical Athenian city-state was founded. In contradistinction to the popular image of the acropolis, the vast mining galleries propose an inverse image of antiquity. Abandoned in Roman times, the mines were re-discovered in the 19th Century making Lavrio the first factory town of the modern Greek state. In the 1970s the local mining industry was again dismantled. Today the factory ruins house an educational museum on mining history.

The film's fragmented structure explores how these different temporal strands have become compounded in time, and the impact of this subterranean history on our present understanding of the division between sensual and abstract forms of knowledge and experience.


Matthew Noel-Tod (born 1978) lives and works in London. Solo exhibitions and screenings include, Bang!, Chisenhale Gallery, London (2012), Canary Wharf Screen, LUX, London (2012), Blind Carbon Copy, Picture this, Bristol and Nought to Sixty, ICA, London (2008). Group exhibitions and screenings include, The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things curated my Mark Leckey, Hayward Gallery touring exhibition (2013), While it Lasts, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, and MK Gallery (2013) and Artists’ Film Club, ICA, London (2011). He was a participant in the LUX Associate Artists Programme 2007-2008 and is currently a recipient of the Acme Studios Firestation live/ work residency 2010-15.

Maija Timonen is an artist and writer working in London, Berlin and Helsinki. Her work is broadly concerned with the critique of capitalism, and more specifically with exploring the affective dimension of life in it. Undertaken with self-reflexivity as to the medium of film and video, her artwork deals with the topics of sexuality and the commodification of relationships, against the background of the blurring of boundaries between the private and the public. Her most recent film Aune, or On Effective Demise was screened at The Showroom, London (2013). She has written about artists' film in various international publications including Afterall Journal, Mute Magazine and May Revue. Her works are distributed by AV-Arkki, Finland.

Anja Kirschner (b. 1977, Munich, Germany) and David Panos (b. 1971, Athens, Greece) live and work in London and Athens. Their films and video installations collide historical research, performance, literary sources and popular genre references to create speculative histories and spectacular fantasies that interrogate the relation of art to power. Their films frequently deal with moments where material ruptures and political transformations reveal social contradictions but also give birth to new cultural forms and class formations. They are represented by Hollybush Gardens, London and their films are distributed by the LUX and BFI.

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Ruler (FI)
Matthew Noel-Tod, Still from Bang!, 2012
24mins, HD/16:9

Ruler (FI)
Maija Timonen, Still from Aune, or On Effective Demise, (2013)
56mins, HD/16:9

Ruler (FI)
Anja Kirschner & David Panos, Still from Ultimate Substance, 2012
34 mins, HD / 16:9


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